The first week of November has passed, with fireworks and bonfires burning across the land. Now that bonfire night has passed into ashes, it’s time once more for me to take a look at some of the biggest news stories in the world of comics. So grab a hot cocoa get the heating on and lets get this comic roundup – underway….


Prog 1907

Prog-1907This week see’s Prog 1907 released from 2000AD. With a stunning cover by Richard Elson featuring Kingdom. Another strong looking issue as the stories continue from the past few progs.

The gangs of Gramercy Heights aren’t going to take Dredd’s presence lightly – and in this issue they decide to up the ante! More secrets are unveiled in Stickleback as he continues to fight for old London town.

Elsewhere the Grey Suits begin to realise that perhaps Blake’s brain washing wasn’t as effective as they first thought. Gene Hackman decides to take the fight to Them and Ichabod has issues with a stampeding herd of buffalo.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



Marvel-KoboThis week Marvel announced a new partnership. One that will see dozens of Marvel comic book series hitting another digital platform – that of Kobo. The new partnership will see titles such as Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 and The Infinity Gauntlet become available for the first time on Kobo full colour e-readers.

It will also mean that you’ll be able to get your Marvel fix on the Kobo reading apps currently available on tablets and smartphones. I don’t think it’s a coincidence either that the first two title made available tie in nicely with the movie universe.




DivergenceDC have revealed their big summer event – the new Multiverse- spanning event will be unleashed during April and May. In a nine week event starting with issue zero.This will be followed by an eight part mini-series and forty two part mini-series.

The event will be named Convergence and its an event that will rock the DC Universes. They event promises to answer questions about key stories from the past still count in continuity along with the fate of some of the beloved heroes who have yet to be seen in the New 52.

The first issue will debut on April 1st. DC later in the week also gave us a teaser image – showcasing just which Universes will be taking part! I’ve a feeling this is going to be one story that will alter everything….




Image gave us a glimpse of a new title heading our way. Not much was given away – just a simple image surfaced. Giving us our first glimpse of Luminary a new hero with possible ties to the President!

To say I’m intrigued is an understatement and I can’t wait for more info to appear.


Thats all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out….