I came across this series by accident. It was a preview, but I was hooked pretty soon and had to download the series onto my Kindle. This series quickly became one of my favourite reads this year.

It is a vampire series. I know, I know, there are so many out there. But wow, this is different with so much more. Julie Kagawa takes the vampires back to their original, scary, dark, blood sucking selves… but wait… As you read on, there are some very intriguing developments. It’s a dark and compelling read. It’s Original. Creative. A real page turner.

This incredible story line follows Allison Sekemoto on an amazing dark journey of action, survival, twists and turns and unusual friends along the way.

A Post-Apocalyptic setting

Based in the future, in a ruined version of the US – 60 years after the world had been destroyed by the virus called Red Lung. The fallen big cities are surrounded in big concrete outer walls and fences to keep unwanted creatures out… and the humans in. The broken roads over grown and cars that no longer work, being left to rust. Buildings rot due to neglect outside the inner city. People wear torn and tattered clothing and it’s a daily struggle to gather food.

Outside the cities is a vast area of wilderness and wasteland, disused roads and the decayed remains of smaller deserted villages.

And the story begins…

Allison Sekemoto (Allie) had to learn to survive from an early age in the Fringe, the outskirts of a city of vampires. During day time she and her crew – her friends must scavenge for food. But by night, any one of them could be food. Her drive is to survive on whatever she finds and refusing to become one of the cattle trapped in the inner city.

Allie has a strong hatred of vampires, especially the vampires that keep humans as blood bags – human cattle trapped as slaves in return for shelter, food and protection for as long as there ‘master’s’ see fit. One night Allie is attacked saving her crew, but she is given the ultimate choice – die an agonising death… or become the one thing she despises the most.

Faced with her own mortality, Allie’s strong instinct to survive won and she became what she hated the most. She had to learn the rules of being immortal quickly, and to go long enough without human blood, or she will go mad in a frenzy. The blood thirst is always there, always frightening and she has the choice of what kind of monster she will become.

“The series is full of surprises and suspense. At times I felt shocked, entranced and intrigued. I laughed and this was the first series to make me tear up. I was gripped right to the end.”

So what happens next?

Then Allie is forced to flee outside of the city walls, where she came across a group of humans who are searching for a legend, a city called Eden that is free from vampires and Rabbids (the mindless creatures who threaten humans and vampires alike) – and a possible cure to the Red Lung that killed most of the human race and which created the Rabbids.  These frightening savage monsters were created when humans and ‘one’ vampire attempted to find a cure for the Red Lung virus. In the attempt they created ravenous monsters even more violent and blood thirsty than the vampires. They have white skin thats stretched tightly across there bones. They more skeleton-like than human, although their faces are vaguely humanoid.

But being a vampire, it isn’t easy to pass for human. Especially not around Zeke, a 17 year-old guy who might see past the monster inside her, or does he? Soon Allie must decide what – and who – is worth dying for.

You can’t help but fall in love with the characters. My two favourite are Allie and Jackal.

AllieBlood of Eden

She is a tough, brave, fierce and feisty girl. Her sarcasm is funny and no one tells this girl what to do. She is extremely loyal to those she cares for and does whatever it takes to survive – and keeping those she cares for alive. What I found appealing about her is how she is determined to keep her humanity and not allow the monster that always lurks inside her from taking over.


This is one very sadistic vampire and extremely arrogant, which has made me laugh throughout the series. He is ruthless and loves to play bloody games and generally loves bloodshed. Especially if you’re his food. He is the first villain Allie meets, but he becomes a surprising delight.

So, is it worth a read?

This is a summary of just the first half of The Immortal rules. The series is full of surprises and suspense. At times I felt shocked, entranced and intrigued. I laughed and this was the first series to make me tear up. I was gripped right to the end. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It was a race against time to stop an apocalypse and I was reading with urgency to find out what happens next.