Have you ever stopped to think about what convinces you to buy videogames? Has it changed over time? Do you prefer reading reviews or watching out for praise from friends? Is there a YouTube personality whose tastes you trust? And do gaming magazines still have a place in all of this? (We refer back to this month’s demise of Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK.) This week we gave a lot of thought to this and if you have any thoughts on it yourself or on anything else in this episode, then do let us know in the comments below.

As well as thinking about our buying habits, we also looked at those Iron Man-Captain America 3 rumours; wondered whether Netflix will be able to continue being relevant; gawked at a $30,000 Magic: The Gathering card and detailed more thoughts on Doctor Who, Alien: Isolation, Hyrule Warriors, Gone Girl and more.

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    @SuperRetroid Am playing Alien Isolation on PS4 and am too enjoying it. One thought I did have was that I thought the alien was used far too much in the game. Too much reliance on the hide & seek mechanic in the early stages – does this lessen as the game runs on?