Hello and welcome to another comic roundup. This week we have adventures in space, horror and trucks! Yep trucks, so what are you waiting for. Lets dive in….


Prog 1902

Next week sees Prog 1902 hit comic book shelves. Complete with a rather glorious cover by Richard Elson and featuring Gene The Hackman. It looks like we’re in for another treat.

Continuing the stories set up in the last two progs, including Dredd and Greysuit. Greysuit is beginning to drag me in. It’s piqued my interest with it’s spy angle, a shadowy organisation of top assassins – who have been given superhuman powers and brain washed!

Yet what happens when the brain washing is undone? It’s a slow pace in general, yet I get the feeling it’s going to turn into something rather special!

We were kindly sent a press copy to preview from the publisher.



GamoraI think we can safely say that this summer we all became a little addicted to Guardians Of The Galaxy. We all fell in love with baby Groot as well as a talking Raccoon. The movie blew away all of our expectations – quite rightly so.

Marvel capitalized on the exposure by launching two new series. Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord, both received their own solo series. Now if rumours appear to be true we have another member of the band – getting their own exclusive series. I have to say it’s been a long time coming for this character and I just hope that the rumours prove to be true.

For Gamora is set to get her own on-going series at Marvel, not only that but the series will be written by Nicole Perlman. Nicole was the co-screenwriter of the Guardians movie. She was the first person to see the potential of the series and began developing them as a movie. I’m so excited, fingers crossed for an official announcement soon…




KamandiIt would appear that DC may be working on a new series focussing on one of Jack Kirby’s favourite characters. I am of course talking about the post-apocalyptic survivor Kamandi. A character that we haven’t seen since Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis event.

We haven’t had an official word from DC yet, however the news came from artist Tom Fowler – who announced on Twitter that he had just passed up the opportunity to work on the new series.

It’s a shame that Fowler has had to turn it down, however I’m even more intrigued to find out what he may be working on instead.

It would be great to see Kamandi return, I guess only time will tell.


Dark Horse Comics

Frankenstein Underground

Frankenstein-UndergroundThis October see’s a celebration of Mike Mignola’s signature character Hellboy. The celebration “13 Day’s Of Hellboy” has also seen the unveiling of the latest title in the Mignolaverse line of comics – and this has the potential to be something very special.

The new series is titled Frankenstein Underground. The five issue mini series will be written by Mignola with interior art by Ben Stenbeck. Frankenstein will be fighting monsters in an underground Pellucider-like world.

I cant wait to see how this affects the whole Hellboy universe. The new series will debut in 2015.


Ghost Fleet

Ghost-FleetElsewhere in the Dark Horse universe, writer Donny Cates has spoken to bleedingcool about his new series Ghost Fleet. I have to admit this had passed me by somehow – yet something has just captured my attention.

The new series will hit comic book shelves on the 5th November. Described as a big-rig conspiracy-trucker story. This seems to have some real potential. The story revolves around a trucker myth. Involving government truck drivers who are oblivious to the cargo they carry and can’t be pulled over by law enforcement.

I’m rather excited by how this story could evolve and can’t wait to see it unfold. For more info, check out the interview via the link below.


That’s it for this week – till next time this is Cookie signing out.