It’s that time once more, to delve into the comic-verse – looking at the latest news to hit during the week. This week we have a another 2000AD preview, Marvel teases us new takes on the past. We have a new series from Boom! and a new team over at DC.


Prog 1905

Prog-1905This week see’s Prog 1905 hit comic book shelves. With the majority of the current stories now hitting the mid way point. There’s a rather gruesome cover by Dave Kendall – highlighting the Hunter From Hell in all of it’s monstrous form.

Dredd is still trying to bring Gramercy Heights to order – the gangs don’t seem to keen though. Stickleback makes a startling discovery – turning everything he’s found out in the past few weeks on it’s head.

In Grey Suit, Blake’s programming is really put to the test. Ichabod Azrael dukes it out with the Hunter From Hell, one has to ask though. Why is he trying to save the town?

To wrap it up Them are still proving to cause Gene Hackman a headache – as battles to save Aux Drift. With some great art on show – it’s looking like a great Prog.

The publisher kindly sent us a preview copy.


Planet Hulk

Planet-HulkSo this week has been full of little teases from the offices of Marvel. With quite a few hints about what to expect next Summer. With quite a few connections being shown to iconic story arcs – from yesteryear.

Including the announcement of Planet Hulk! A series, which will share the same name as the historic run by Greg Pak. All we have so far is an image. One that seems to indicate Captain America and Devil Dinosaur will be joining the Hulk for this adventure.


Old Man Logan

Old-Man-LoganIn another image tease from the house of M – another cover appeared on Twitter last week. Complete with a Summer 2015 date – showing that perhaps Wolverine may not remain as dead as he is.

If this does become a new story next year, I hope the iconic story it relates to is left intact. For the image showed us the return of Old Man Logan! Excited….yep!



She-HulkUnfortunately it looks like the Hulks cousin- is being canned this January. Last week Marvel announced that She-Hulk would be cancelled with #12. The current series by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido seems to have run out of gas. Well as far as Marvel are concerned.

What is annoying though, is that from what I’ve read and heard this series has been a really strong addition. Providing a great story – still I’m sure this isn’t the last we will see of Banners cousin. Perhaps another stint with a team is on the cards? Who knows….



Red Lanterns

Red-LanternsWith Charles Soule now enjoying his exclusive contract with Marvel, many of us (me included) have been wondering who would step up to take on his DC work. Last week revealed one of these answers.

Red Lanterns will enjoy a new writer with #38. Landry Walker of Danger Club and Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures – is the new writer in charge. With art still by J Calafiore.


Boom! Studios

Deep State

Deep-StateThis week Boom have revealed a new ongoing series by Justin Jordan and artist Ariela Kristantina – and it’s grabbed my attention!

Deep State is a new series that asks what if there was a darker truth to most conspiracy theories? It focusses on John Harrow. A guy who doesn’t exist and his job is to make sure that other things don’t exist too. With some of these things being truly monstrous beyond reason.

The first issue will hit comic book shelves on November 12th – I’ve already put this one in my diary.


That’s all for this week…till next time this is Cookie signing out.