Another week gone, disappeared into the ether. Can only mean one thing, time for another comic roundup. There was loads more unveiled at New York Comic Con last week. So let’s get down to business…


Prog 1904

Prog-1904So next Wednesday see’s Prog 1904 of 2000AD hitting shelves across the country. With a fantastic cover by Alex Reynold proclaiming that School’s Out!

Dredd is still Block Judge at Gramercy Heights – with a murder that seems to have more behind it than meets the eyes. Yet Dredd can’t focus solely on the murder, with two gangs to contend with and various other crimes to tackle. Can Dredd turn the block around?

Stickleback is beginning to realise that his beloved London is in big danger. With a threat from the past looming – one that could spell the end of London and more. Can Stickleback save his beloved city – what does this new threat really want. It’s time for more investigative work and interrogation!

Greysuit Prince Of Darkness steps up a gear this issue – showing us more of John Blakes school life and his checkered past with Prince. Question is will he be able to pull the trigger on an ex-cop, to help an alleged murderer?

The issue wraps up with the continuation of Ichabod Azrael and Kingdom: Aux Drift.

The publisher kindly sent us a preview copy.



WolverinesMarvel had plenty of surprises to make me giddy with excitement. Theres plenty of follow up to the Death Of Wolverine – showcasing a marvel universe without everyone’s favourite mutant with claws!

The one I’m most excited for though is a new series by Charles Soule and Ray Fawkes – titled Wolverines. A band of Wolverines enemies and an ally are forced to band together. To uncover the secrets that Wolverine took to his grave!

The new series will begin this January and I for one can’t wait to eye how this unfolds.


Uncanny Avengers

Uncanny-AvengersIt looks like the Avengers will be getting a new roster this January, as Uncanny Avengers gets rebooted with another #1.

Beginning after the events of AXIS. The new series will be written by Rick Remender and Daniel Aruna. As well as some new faces on the team, we will also see new costumes.

What intrigues me the most though, are the characters involved. Scarlett Witch will be joined by her brother Quicksilver, Rogue, The Vision, Captain America, Sabretooth (I’ve missed something!) and Brother Voodoo.



Wonder Woman 77

Wonder-Woman-77A new digital first series was unveiled by DC at NYCC, and I’m rather excited. Following in the footsteps of Batman 66, Wonder Woman 77 will debut in December with six consecutive weekly chapters. Written by Mark Andreyko with several covers drawn by Nicola Scott.

The new series will be based on the TV show starring Lynda Carter. I used to watch the show every Saturday as a kid – and I love the classic artwork already shown. This could prove to be the essential read.


Mortal Kombat

Mortal-KombatI love Mortal Kombat, as some of you are probably already aware. I for one can’t wait to see Mortal Kombat X hit shelves next year. Whats this got to do with comics you may be asking? Well in true DC/Warner Bros style – they have announced a prequel comic book series.

Featuring many of our favourite characters and the next generation of Kombatants. Written by Shawn Kittelsen with illustrations by Dexter Soy. This is one to watch out for – especially if you love the series like me.


Dark Horse

Eve: Valkyrie

Eve-ValkyrieDark Horse made quite a few announcements, yet one really caught my eye. Brian Wood is going to be writing a new series based on the video game Eve.

Titled Eve: Valkyrie the new series will debut next July. Not much information was given at the time – but the fact its based on Eve has got me excited.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out….