Another week has flown by, and this week has seen the start of the yearly, New York Comic Con. As with most events – news has been surfacing about what will be announced over the course of this weekend. I’ve picked some of my favourite tidbits – so let’s get this weeks comic roundup started….


Prog 1903

Dredd-Prog-1903This week see’s Prog 1903 hitting comic book shelves. With a stunning cover by D’Israeli, the stories certainly ramp up a notch for this issue.

Dredd is still trying to bring order to Gramercy heights as their block judge. Stickleback begins a manhunt, whilst John gets back to work in Greysuit. Ichabod Azrael continues his journey for revenge in the spirit world and we have Gene the Hackman celebrating with his  pack – before things turn a little more intense!

With some sublime artwork and excellent narrative – this is looking like another string issue.

We were kindly sent a preview copy by the publisher.

Megazine #353

MegazineAlso out this week is the Judge Dredd Megazine #353. With a cover featuring Marshal Metta Lawson by Phil Winslade. Inside you’ll find two stories featuring our favourite Judge Dredd.

The first see’s Dredd tracking down a mysterious technologically advanced bracelet, capable of making the wearer invisible and granting the power to teleport. Where the bracelet has come from is still unknown.

The second story sees the continuation of Uprise, with a dirty Judge and killer robots. Time is running out for Dredd to find and judge the bad guys.

Also we have Marshal Metta Lawson bringing her own brand of justice to Badrock as well as a few other surprises. There’s also some very interesting interviews with Phil Winslade and Lee Carter. This issue is packed to the brim!

We were kindly sent a preview copy by the publisher.


Fantastic Four

No-More-MutantsIt would appear that one of the biggest pieces of news to be announced at the Marvel panel – is the demise of the Fantastic Four! All year theres been several rumours that Marvel were looking to end this foundational comic book.

Now it would appear the rumours could be true – this all ties in with the new film being released next year from Fox. Marvel don’t want to help advertise this and now it seems they may be taking a very large step!

There also appears to be a some surprises in store for mutant-kind with a phrase appearing  at a retailer presentation – the phrase ominously being “no more mutants!” I’ll hopefully be able to share more next week, once the Marvel panel has finished.


All New X-Factor

X-FactorMore news from the mutant fold, unfortunately the rather epic All New X-Factor has been cancelled!

The last issue will be #20 and has been confirmed by series writer Peter David. David clarified the cancellation on his personal blog. Although rumours cited the cancellation to be due to Quicksilver returning to the Avengers, David has said that it was actually down to  poor sales.

It’s a real shame that this series is coming to an end, it was good to see Gambit and Polaris back on a team. I do also wonder if this has something to do with Marvel seemingly wanting to focus more on the Inhumans, rather than mutants. Allowing them to tie them all up in the movie universe.

I guess only time will tell.


Archie Comics & Dark Horse

Archie vs Predator

Archie-vs-PredatorOkay so a couple of weeks ago, I found myself writing what seemed to be the craziest news – I’ve ever had to put into words. I am of corse referring to the Harley Quinn scratch and sniff annual.

However I now find myself staring in disbelief at my computer screen – for Dark Horse and Archie have teamed up to bring us. Quite honestly the craziest cross-ever I can think of. One that I never expected to happen and to be quite honest one I’m really not sure can work!

In a new four issue series Archie Andrews will cross paths and have an unfortunate run in with none other than the Predator! Yes you did read that right the Predator and Archie are going to face off against each other. I’m kind of excited and yet very very unsure at the same time. It sounds completely bonkers.

It will be written by Alex de Campi and I guess we will just have to wait and see how the two characters interact with one another.


Image Comics


SpawnSpawn will be heading in a brand new direction, it has been revealed this week. Issue 250 will mark the beginning of a new creative team – and the return of Al Simmons. It will also mark the digital debut for this long running series.

The new team will consist of writer Brian Wood and artist Jonboy Meyers. This special anniversary issue will also feature a cover by Greg Capullo.

I’m looking forward to see where the new team takes the character, and to see what stories they bring to the fold.


That’s it for this week, but join us next week for more from New York Comic Con. This is Cookie signing out…