Recently, a rumour started circulating around the web. Proclaiming that Warner Bros were getting very serious regarding their upcoming DC films. So serious, that they had in fact made a no jokes rule! One, that was being followed very strictly….

One rule to ring them all

This caught my attention, and one that I will say straight away, seems a little too serious. Now why on Earth would they be looking to make such a strict rule? A little humour never hurt anyone to be fair. Yet some of this to me, actually makes a little sense. Although I think that perhaps in all fairness, the whole thing may have been a little blown out of proportion.

Personally I think that Warner Bros, are probably looking to go into a more serious darker tone. They have yet to really capture the DC universe, quite as well as Disney and Marvel have. Comic book movies have once more become a very serious business. Marvel have managed to capture the public, by giving us a light hearted Universe with quite a bit of humour thrown in. It works, although at times like in Thor the humour for me, got a little cheesy! It’s a formula, which works well for them – fitting the style of the comics very nicely.

The DC way

DC on the other hand, lets be honest have always had a darker more mature theme running through their comics universe. It’s helped them differentiate themselves away from Marvel. The darker more mature, themes appealing to a different demographic. It makes perfect sense that Warner Bros would want to continue this theme throughout the new movies. Especially when you consider the success of Chris Nolans Dark Knight trilogy.

Now that’s not to say they haven’t tried to inject humour into their DC movies. In fact Green Lantern had quite a bit of humour. However we all know what happened to that movie – although the humour was the least of its issues. I think we can all agree on that point! Although it would be another understandable reason, why Warner Bros would be inclined to step away from light humour.

Darkness is coming

With all these facts, it would indeed be very easy to see Warner Bros making a no jokes rule. It would certainly seem to fit the direction they are looking to take the universe in. Certainly by taking the universe in a more serious, darker tone they will be able to differentiate their movies from Marvel’s – perhaps capturing the same core demographic that separates the two comic universes.

Yet I don’t think, that these films will be totally humourless. This whole no jokes in the movies, whilst I believe that they will indeed be darker, perhaps more mature themed. There will still be the chance to have some subtle humour, to help break the tension and break things up.

Although the comics are darker in tone, there has always been room for a little light hearted relief. Let’s take a look at instance the Flash. One of DC’s lighter characters, who thrives on his wit as well as his speed. Other characters including Plastic Man and Booster Gold have  shown their humorous sides in the comics – showing a lighter side to the universe.

Previously in the DC filmic universe…

Even in the Man Of Steel, although it was generally a much darker tone for Superman, it still had little moments of light humour. These helped break things up, allowing the film to remain darker in tone – but not making it feel too heavy. The film in itself for me, had certain aspects, which were lacking. Yet I thought the overall tone, personally was pretty spot on.

To sum up, do I think that the Warner Bros are going to cut out humour? Yes I do, but not all together. It’s something that have been doing for a while, it’s what makes the DC Universe different to Marvel. There will be moments of humour, but they will be far and in between. For the DC Universe needs to be different to Marvels, just look at the difference between The Dark Knight and Captain America for instance.

All I know, is that when they next raft of DC films appear, we could well be in for some serious treats…