Judas Coin

This centuries-spanning original graphic novel from legendary writer/artist Walter Simonson cleverly ties the Biblical story of Judas to the DC Universe. Simonson shows how one of the silver coins Judas was paid to betray Jesus has had an impact on the DC Universe, with chapters starring The Golden Gladiator (70 A.D.), The Viking Prince (900 A.D.), Captain Fear (1740) and Bat Lash (1880). The centerpiece of the book is an epic battle between Batman and Two-Face. The story blasts into the future as well, with a final chapter set in the year 2070.


Judas Coin rating


Judas sold off Jesus for a handful of silver. This is a story about one of those coins travelling throughout history, cursing people throughout the DC universe. It’s an interesting concept, and the stories were good, although none of them stand out enough for me to really remember them. Batman appears at one point in a noire-esque tale.


The stand-out part of this comic was the artwork. The artist takes each individual story and gives it its own style, which works surprisingly well. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy much of the artwork – both too harsh and too sketchy. Walter Simonson has got to be admired for how far he pushed his skills throughout the book, though.


As I said with the story, the characters didn’t really stand out for me, except perhaps Batman and Two Face. With only a few pages each, the characters didn’t have enough time to be explored much.


Nothing was too remarkable, although the style and the storytelling differed for each story, which was interesting.

What the kids say

I don’t think the students really got this book. They were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t a fully-fledged Batman story.


An interesting take on a legend in a familiar universe.

Author borrowed this from a library.