When Big Finish announced a season of adventures, starring the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. My heart skipped a beat, finally the fourth Doctor was coming back. You can’t help but fall in love with Tom’s eccentric, charismatic, jelly baby loving incarnation of the Doctor. Since the initial announcement, we have already had two seasons of adventures, and season three is well under way.

The return of the Zygons

The latest adventure see’s the return of one my favorite fourth Doctor foes, the shape shifting Zygons. The Doctor and Leela land on the jungle planet of Garros. Where they find it has been hired – by a group of Earth Knight Commanders. They want to hunt big beasts as part of their shore leave, you know just for the sport. Something, which Leela is less than happy to find. However the animals they hunt, have a very familiar presence and it’s not long before you realize that there are bigger conspiracies occuring.

With the Jungle setting, Leela gets to take a more central role for a change. Showing her distaste at hunting animals for sport, proclaiming there is no honor in such a sport. The story calls on her natural skills as well, which Louisa Jameson seems to  thrive on. It’s really nice to have a story, which Louisa can really sink her teeth into.

Taking its time

Tom Baker, gets to take it a little easier in this adventure. Sitting back, chilling and solving the mystery at a slower than normal pace. In fact until the appearance of the Zygons, he’s all for just leaving the humans to their hunt – just getting back into the TARDIS and leaving them to it. Much to Leela’s dissatisfaction. One thing that never seems to change is Tom Baker’s magnificent voice, it never seems to age.

The story is very easy to listen to, unfolding at a reasonable pace. It certainly whiles away an hour or so. As for the actual plot, however this is a simple affair. The rest of the characters play out their roles well. Yet you never really begin to care about them, like in other audio adventures. It feels like a high school reunion, you all turn up – chat for a few hours then disappear for another ten or so years. It’s a good few hours, yet so easily forgotten.

The Zygons with there whispering voices, sound amazing on the audio. Whenever I watch Terror Of The Zygons, there voices make my skin crawl with goose bumps. Big Finish have been able to recreate the same feeling, every time one of the Zygons spoke – I could feel goose bumps tingling along my arms. It seemed even more appealing, having them return with the fourth Doctor. I just hope they reappear again and soon.

The sound effects seem to have come straight from the Tom Baker era, giving us the usual Big Finish polish. It’s a good adventure and it wraps up some of the tension between the Doctor and Leela rather nicely.

Misc-goodWorth listening to?

A good average adventure, which sees the third series of fourth Doctor adventures come to an end. Now we just have to wait till the fourth series and the return of K9….

Our reviewer bought their own copy of this audio play.