Since reading digitally via the handy Kindle app, I’ve been finding myself reading a lot more obscure authors. Supporting if you like the smaller authors out there. I’ve found myself reading genres I’ve never really considered before. Taking a chance on titles, which before I would have probably just ignored. Some have proven very good, exceeding my expectations – others have just left me cold!

When the better half, told me about Alone: The Girl In The Box by Robert J Crane – I was a little wary. However she seemed to be devouring the pages and persisted that this was a book, I would fall in love with. So a couple of weeks ago I sat down and began to read….

The book follows a 17 year old girl named Sienna Nealon, a smart mouthed kid, who hasn’t really been allowed to venture out into the big bad world. Her mum has kept her prisoner in their home for the last twelve years. For reasons that she has kept to herself. This all changes when Sienna awakes to find two strange men in her house and no sign of her mother.

Sienna is soon on the run from a strange, shadowy agency called the Directorate and a psychotic killer, named Wolfe is also on her trail. Why every one seems so interested in Sienna remains a mystery. Yet what really takes Sienna aback are her powers, which have started to develop including super strength, speed and reflexes.

The writer tells the story from Sienna’s perspective, which works rather well. Sienna is a likable character, smart, strong and like most teenagers I know sarcastic to a tee. You can’t  help but fall in love with the character and at times you feel a pang of regret for what she’s been through. One little err for me though was how well she adapted to the outside world!

For someone whose been kept hostage in her her own home – she is soon able to integrate and converse with the outside world. Yet the character is so strong in other areas, this can be forgiven.

The story starts off slow, but after the first few chapters soon kicks into high gear. The writer keeps you on your toes, as questions arise – a lot without answers. This works well making you turn page after page. Hoping to learn another answer in this world the writer has created.

Alliances are made, other characters are introduced all with a little history in this super powered world. Yet you can’t help but shake the feeling this is just the beginning. With everyone seeming to have a hidden agenda for young Sienna!

All of this culminates in a twist, right at the end. A shocking twist that left me wanting more, to see where this would leave Sienna and the repercussions to could represent. A strong story filled with characters that intrigue you. It’s an excellent novel and really sets things up for the next chapter in Sienna’s life.

Misc-goodYou can see there has been influence from other stories, you can see characteristics from X-Men and Percy Jackson to name but a few. Even with these similarities though the author manages to weave a story. A story that you can’t help to find yourself submerged in, a real page turner. A great read and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the second book.

Our reviewer bought their own copy of Alone: The Girl in the Box Book One.