You know what we’re going to ask first: why did it take you so long to get round to playing Dead Space 2?

To be honest, just time! I’ve had the game sat on my shelf, collecting dust for well over eighteen months. Other games, books, movies work have all just taken priority.

Dead Space 2 scareHave you played the first Dead Space? If yes: which was more terrifying?

I have indeed. If I had not played the first, I doubt very much that I would have even given the second title a go.

I would have to say that the first made me jump, a hell of a lot more than the second.

What was your biggest challenge when dealing with the necromorphs?

It took a while to get used to aiming the plasma cutter, making the precise cut without wasting a lot of ammo! I’d say the biggest challenge was when they attacked in groups. Remembering to use stasis effectively, mixing it up with the weapons when a group started to charge at you.

What did you think of the more trippy elements of the game?

Dead Space 2 trippyI liked the trippy elements, the flashbacks – it added to the overall atmosphere of the game. It helped keep me interested, wanting to go that little further to find out more!

Is the future tech in the Dead Space series believable enough? Are there any bits of it that you find interesting?

Yes, I would say that the tech was believable, I’ve seen a lot more far fetched tech especially in Sci-Fi movies.

I found the stasis charge interesting, especially the effects it could have in the environment around you.

It adds a novel element to the gameplay, which is one of the main reasons I enjoyed the first and picked this game up.

The sequel was accused of being less of a horror game than its predecessor – does the action get in the way of the horror?

Yes it does. However, as you all know I’m not normally interested in the Horror genre in general. Dead Space is one of the few games, which made me jump and kept me hooked at the same time. The atmosphere was more tense, they played on your isolation and your emotions to a deeper degree.

I remember the first time, I heard the Neromorph’s scuttering around in the vents above you. It drove me insane – making me want them to just attack and get it over with.

The second game never really builds that tension, so loses the fear. A shame, as that was one of the best bits about the original.

Dead Space 2 IsaacHow did you feel about Isaac’s predicament?

I felt a little sorry for the guy, poor bugger has lost the last three years of his life. Not knowing what the hell has happened to him, in that time. He then wakes to find his nightmare is back, and once more people are being torn up – quite literally in front of him. Then to add to this, he has to rely on complete strangers, once again he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

What did you think of the Church of Unitology and its similarities to real religious institutions?

UnitologyI have to admit I was pretty freaked out, especially the way they worship the marker. It’s interesting how they made an unknown entity, one that they knew very little about. Where it comes from or what its for, a God to be worshipped.

I think it’s helpful that it does have similarities to real religious institutions. It helps make the world feel a little more real. Taking reincarnation and a higher power, but giving it another spin – just helps make it feel more human.

What did you think of the way the game’s settings looked? Were there bits of detail you liked?

I loved how the game looks, it has a rather drab dark setting. Perfect for the atmosphere of the game. Even today, it still looks stunning with some very clever lighting effects. I loved the little bits, which really made the world tick for me, things like photos beside the beds. Water overflowing in a sink full of dishes. Little bits of detail like that, really help make a game for me.

Is there any part of the game that you really disliked?

Not that springs to mind.

Will you play any of the other Dead Space games?

Thanks to the PSN+, I do now have Dead Space 3 awaiting my attention.

  • dmosbon

    I have to agree that Dead Space was excellent for chills and jumps. Great setting which I don’t believe was matched in the sequel. The third is an out and out shooter.