With the amount of comic books going on sale each and every week, it can sometimes become a minefield for new readers. Which books are worthy of your money and time? Which issues are the best to jump into? It’s annoying to pick up a comic book, which is halfway through a story – don’t you think?

This can seriously put you off picking up single issues – especially if you’ve missed a few, personally I sometimes feel scared to jump back in. Will I be able to keep up? Or will I feel lost as so much has happened?!

Of course a lot of publishers help counter this by resetting the series to #1 – rebooting their most popular characters, time and time again. There is one publisher who has stayed true to their numbers though – 2000AD! This week see’s the home of Judge Dredd meet an amazing milestone – prog 1900 goes on sale this week.

Sporting a new logo and the beginnings of three new stories, this issue is being touted as the perfect chance to jump on board – or jump back in if your reading time has lapsed. Personally I haven’t read an issue for years, so is this issue really a perfect start for latecomers or new readers? Let’s find out…..

The first thing that struck me was the cover, beautifully drawn by Greg Staples. It shows us a photorealistic image of Dredd, looking ready to dish out justice in his own particular fashion. To be fair if I was looking in a comic book store, this would definitely stand out to me. It grabs your attention straight away – making you wonder what lays within its pages.

There’s also the new logo, proudly on display by lead designer Pye Parr. The logo certainly helps to give it a fresh feel.

Within the pages are three brand new stories, the first starring everyones favorite: Judge Dredd. The co-creators of Dredd; John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra return to helm this new story arc – where we see if Dredd is up to taking on the problems of one single city block.

It flows nicely across the pages, dragging you in. Showing us the darkness that exists in Mega-City one. Dredd is his usual gruff self, becoming judge jury and executioner! Its a good start to a story that has some great potential. Showing us the real problems the Judges face. The fact that all the action happens in one city block, helps keep everything contained and easy to follow – with no real need for any previous knowledge of the series.

The colours and lettering compliment the story nicely with art that jumps out from the page. It’s kept simple – but helps make you feel welcome rather than simply a casual passer by.

Stickleback 300x300 The second story by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli; concentrates on a rather curious character named Stickleback. Set at the end of the 19th century; based in London, Stickleback is a master criminal.

It’s quite an interesting story, with some great atmosphere. Helped by the use of just black and white for the art. It helps introduce a very kooky character – a character that I have become very intrigued by.

The third story is full of action, fights and genetically modified dogs! Kingdom: Aux Drift is bought to us by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson. Set in the far future, with some nasty vicious, overgrown insects.

Again its a great introduction to the main character Gene the Hackman, with no real need for any previous knowledge to truly enjoy the story. The artwork is sharp, with some great use of colours.

Overall if you are indeed looking for something new to sink your teeth into, then this edition of 2000 AD does indeed provide a great look into the comics universe. It’s got the beginnings of some great stories and some interesting characters to follow.

What are you waiting for? – go give it a whirl…

The reviewer received a press copy from 2000AD