Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. This week we have fantasy, snow and a new surprise in store for a familiar face. So grab a brew and lets get this show started…


Incredible Hulk


A surprise was in store for Hulk fans in issue 5, as we were introduced to the newest incarnation of the green goliath. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mark Bagley introduced us to Doc Green – who could quite possibly have some very interesting ideas for the future of other gamma enhanced heroes and villains!

Banner has always been known for his intelligence, whereas his alter ego the Hulk is mainly renowned for his strength and anger. We have seen instances where Banner has been able to gain control of the Hulk’s physical form. Yet the savage Hulk has never been the smartest and strongest at the same time….until now. In fact it would appear that this new incarnation, Doc Green may also be even smarter than Banner!

Scary thought heh? I’m really liking the prospects this new incarnation has thrown into the mix. It’s proving to be an interesting time for our green giant. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds.


Vertigo Comics

Wolf Moon


Vertigo have announced a new spin on the werewolf legend, in a new series set to hit comic stores this December. Written by Cullen Bunn and artist Jeremy Haun – the new series entitled Wolf Moon will see a lone man tracking down werewolves to seek revenge for the family they took from him.

It sounds rather familiar, doesn’t it? Yet here’s the interesting part. For the twist arrives in how the werewolves work. In this tale the wolf element, is actually symbiote that jumps from host to host with each moon cycle.

This will allow Bunn to fully explore the impact that these people’s actions have on them after they have been abandoned by the symbiote. It’s an interesting twist and it’s certainly got me intrigued.




Details have emerged from Image regarding a new series from Josh Williamson and Andrei Bressan, which has caught my eye. The new series, Birthright is set to hit comic book stores the first full week in October, and is set to be an epic fantasy.

The story follows a young boy who returns from a strange land after disappearing without a trace for years. It’s being described as a family drama, with the story being reminiscent of classic coming of age stories including the Narnia Chronicles and The Neverending Story. High praise indeed!

It certainly sounds like a story I can sink into, October is filling up rather nicely.


Boom Studios!

Abigail & The Snowman


Over at Boom Studios details have emerged of a rather adorable new comic series from Muppet Show writer/artist Roger Langridge. The new four part series, Abigail and the Snowman will debut this December and is aimed at all ages.

The story will focus on Abigail who moves to a small town. When there she feels alone and finds it difficult to make friends. That is until she meets Yeti Claude. They soon become best friends, however Claude is being chased by the Shadow Men. So the adventure begins, to find Claude’s home and to make sure he is safe!

The artwork looks amazing, and the characters looks so adorable. Could this be this years festive story!


That’s all for this week, till next time – this is Cookie signing out…

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