It’s that time, once more. Welcome to this week’s comic roundup. This week we have a peek at the latest issue of 2000AD, a strange aroma is escaping from a certain comic book  – and there’s the return of a familiar face. So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road…..


2000AD Prog 1901

2000adNext weeks edition of 2000AD looks set to ramp things up a gear. With a rather spooky cover, and the continuation of the Judge Dredd Block story. As well as the second parts to the Kingdom and Stickleback story, there are two new stories kicking off.

First of we have the return of Pat Mills and John Higgins super spy series: Greysuit. In addition we have the final chapter of Rob Williams Wild West series, with a scary twist – Ichabod Azrael.

2000AD Prog 1901 will hit comic book stores on the 1st October. It’s certainly looking like a worthy read.

We received a press copy


Harley Quinn

Harley-QuinnDo you remember the scratch and sniff? Several industries including comics have experimented with this little idea over the few years. The best implement of this tends to be perfume adverts in magazines, where you can smell the new perfume. It’s a great way to try a new cologne before buying – and has proved relatively successful.

Now DC are using the tech for their new Harley Quinn Annual #1. Due out later this year, this very special edition will contain various smells captured within the pages. What’s even more bizarre are the smells included!

The US version will include smells like pizza, suntan lotion and leather. As well as these normal smells, and I really can’t believe I’m writing this – it just seems surreal! The final smell will be cannabis. I really had to take a step back when I read this for the first time!

However this version will be only available in the US. Due to obvious reasons – for other areas of the world. The theme is still there, however the smell of cannabis will be replaced with the smell of freshly cut grass clippings. Bizarre just doesn’t really cover it!




DeathlokSince the first season of Marvel’s Agents Of Shield ended. I’ve been suffering with-drawl symptoms – from one character in particular. This character – thanks to the show, returned to the limelight. Part man part machine – the characters name was Deathlok.

Now for the first time in fifteen years, Deathlok is returning for his own solo series. The new series is set to hit comic book shelves this November. The new series will see a totally new Deathlok emerge – and now it’s been confirmed that #4 will see the return of co-creator Rich Buckler, who has created a personal variant cover.

This is great news, I used to love the character and I cant wait to see how this new Deathlok progresses in the Marvel Universe.


The Death Of Deadpool?

DeadpoolSince announced by Marvel, the mini-series Death Of Wolverine. Everyone has been wondering who would be next to be killed off. During an exclusive interview David Gabriel SVP of Sales & Marketing gave us a little hint and it could be sooner than we think.

In fact it may be as early as March next year! The only other hint that came from him was the little tease, that the name of the next character facing the axe has Death within the name.

One name jumps straight to mind – one with some similar powers as Wolverine. Could he be talking about the end of Deadpool! I certainly hope not….




CassanovaImage have announced the return of a familiar face, Casanova by Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. The series will return in a series of deluxe hardcover “Complete Editions.” Volume 1 will hit comic book stores this October, followed by Volume 2 in November and then the third edition will hit stores in December.

Casanova Quinn was born into a family with wealth and privilege – however he soon turned his back on it to pursue his own dark interests. Interests that include stealing and spying. Classed as the black sheep of the family, he is soon pulled into the family business of international super-spies.

An evil organization begins to target the Quinn’s – and Casanova has to make a choice. I missed out on this the first time around, so this is great news.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out.