Hello and welcome to the first comic roundup this September. This week we have news from Hulk, a new series for the 52 and a new hero with a twist! So while we get used to the colder weather, grab a hot beverage and lets begin….


Savage Hulk

Savage HulkBack in 1984, we were treated to an epic Hulk story. One where Dr Strange and the heroes of the Marvel Universe were tasked with the seemingly impossible. Hulk was consumed by rage, as we all know anger is what makes him stronger. Question was, when fuelled completely by rage, is there any force in the Marvel Universe able to stop the raging green machine!

In the end Doctor Strange, transported the green goliath to a mystical place. A place where he could do less damage – a dimensional nexus point known as the Crossroads. It was an interesting time and now the Hulk is set to return to the Crossroads in Savage Hulk issue 5. Written by Corinna Sara Bechko and co-writer/artist Gabriel Hardman. The issue will hit shelves this October, and I can’t wait to see what the Crossroads has in store for our green goliath!


Charles Soule

Charles SouleThis week, talented writer Charles Soule who currently writes for both Marvel and DC – has commented on his new exclusive contract with Marvel. Charles currently writes Red Lanterns and Swamp Thing for DC – whilst writing Death Of Wolverine and She-Hulk to name just a few. This will end this coming March, when he begins to work exclusively for Marvel.

His Oni Press series, Letter 44 is not going to be affected by the change, with Charles commenting that “I’m on that one until it’s done,which wont be for a while yet.” Looks like Marvel have managed to scoop a real gem with this exclusive contract, Charles is certainly a talented writer and brings some great stories to life.


Anti-Bullying Covers

Anti-BullyingMarvel have announced their support of National Bullying Prevention Month and Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention, this October. In partnership with STOMP Out Bullying, this October Marvel will release special anti-bullying variant covers, spanning across seven select titles.

The titles will include Rocket Raccoon, Hulk, Captain America and the Avengers. It’s good to see Marvel supporting this cause and the covers look great. What do you think?



Secret Six

Secret SixDC have announced a new series, set to debut in December. A series, which I have to admit I was not expecting to see join the New 52. Gail Simone’s spectacular Secret Six is coming back. I cannot wait!

Dale Eaglesham worked on the new character designs, and will create covers. Gail and Dale will be joined by artist Ken Lashley. Not much is known, except the return of Catman and Black Alice – with the promise of an even more dangerous Thomas Blake.

Gail has commented that the tone will be similar to the previous run, complete with the black humour and edginess. Secret Six is scheduled to hit comic book shelves on December the 3rd.


Face Value Comics

Face Value Comics

Face Value ComicsA new comic has surfaced over the past few weeks. Face Value Comics issue 1 has hit comic books shelves and totally sold out. The new comic introduces us to a new hero named Michael. Set in a steam punk world with aliens and robots, Michael is a new breed of hero with a mathematical mind, artistic gift and an abundance of compassion.

Michael does have a twist however. Michael is the first comic book hero who suffers from autism. Created by Dave Kot and illustrated by Sky Owens, this new comic book has been made in the hopes that the books can help people on the autism spectrum better understand the world around them.

To help with this, the characters in the book are drawn with vivid facial expressions. It’s certainly a book with a twist and I hope it continues to sell out with its vivid art style. It’s good to see conditions like autism finally being recognised in the comic book world.


That’s all for this week, until next time – this is Cookie signing out….