If there’s one thing that really peeves me off about TV channels, it’s their habit of changing the times of regularly scheduled programmes. It’s usually a sign for the death knell of some shows. If people can’t reliably tune in every week at the same time, they’re going to get fed up of missing it. I would consider it part of the cause of a lowering of viewers tuning in (and also therefore lack of advertising revenue). While the BBC doesn’t have the problem of advertising revenue, it’s still gosh-darn annoying!

So, here’s a comic all about Doctor Who which is soon to be moved to a later time slot to make room for Strictly Come Dancing…
BBC! Y u no put Strictly Come Dancing on a different time?! (NOTE: change is happening on 27 Sep.)


Written by Emily King. Drawn by Paul Blewitt (on his 4th regeneration – shhh! don’t tell anyone!)