The world is on the brink of ending and you can just about hear the ghostly ticking of a clock as the Lone Gunmen race to prevent the extinction of life as we know it. This is the final part of The X-Files: Conspiracy and Paul Crilley has a lot of loose ends to tie-up. So is it worth finding out how it all ends?

Back on track

X-Files Conspiracy part 6 img 1After lagging for a couple of issues, this final issue in the miniseries manages to pick up the pace and deliver a better sense of what the Lone Gunmen are: conspiracy theorists with a sense of humour, who don’t mind getting their hands dirty every now and then. The jokes don’t stop as Melvin Frohike, John Fitzgerald Byers, and Richard Langly work to help Scully uncover a cure for the virus revealed in issue one and Mulder goes dark to tie-up some of those loose ends.

I’m not too sure about much of John Stanisci’s art in this final issue. Missing elbows and squashed faces are sometimes rather distracting in some of the more dramatic moments that happen in this action packed issue. There’s one point where Mulder is holding a gun to a scientist’s head and I was wondering, “Where’s the rest of Mulder’s arm?” There are also legs that don’t look right during mad dashes and I’m just not sure if this is Stanisci’s general style, but it’s genuinely distracting.

Wrapping it up

X-Files Conspiracy part 6 img 2The miniseries has been kept pretty separate from the main series, with no real references between their respective arcs, so it’s kind of sad that no creative risks were being taken in this miniseries. The unfortunate side effect of this is that none of the main characters, including the “resurrected” Lone Gunmen, felt like they’re particularly at risk. I’m not saying you have to go all George R.R. Martin on a fictional series, but even in the TV show, X-Files characters had a habit of winding-up in hospital at inopportune moments.

Crazily, Mulder is shot in the arm at one point in this issue, but seems to just shrug it off and continue the pursuit he was engaged in. There just wasn’t any peril. So when it came to the issues final few pages, which showed an alternative reality and a “what if” scenario, it all just felt rather token.

Worth reading?

EmcouldbebetterI think you could probably read the first and last part of this miniseries without missing much, which is a shame. This issue has some of the best presentation of the Lone Gunmen that any of the recent comics have managed, but the ending is far too clean and tidy. If you can get over the art, then it’s at least a bit of an enjoyable read, but the lack of any real drama means that it doesn’t feel like it’s trying hard enough. It’s certainly worth having a read through if you’ve read the first issue of the miniseries.

The X-Files: Conspiracy Part 6 is out now. Our reviewer bought their own copy.