The full team is back to the podcast this week (along with some technical gremlins). Hopefully they didn’t spoil the show too much.

So this Emily and co have been discussing Action Comics number 1 going up for auction (the very first Superman story), Bad Boys 3 is very likely in our future, Robin Williams will be commemorated in World of Warcraft, there’s two Aquaman scripts being worked on and finally we discuss the announcements from Gamescom including Silent Hills and Rise of the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity deal.

So, what are you frightened of? Pyramid head? Go take a listen. We’ll try not to freak you out…    …too much:

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  • dmosbon

    Good episode plus I discovered that it’s possible to play Diablo 3 while listening to a podcast!

    • Emily King

      We’ll have to market it with that endorsement 😉

      • dmosbon

        One ear for the game and one for the pod!