You know the drill. Why did it take you so long to get around to playing it?

I got a little bit frustrated when I kept being spotted by the guards as I tried to slip by them unnoticed, so after a few levels I decided to stop playing and go on some other games. It was only until my random selection did it get picked out and I managed to continue on from where I left off.

Have you played any of the previous games? If so, which ones? If not, why did you start with this one?

Hitman Absolution img 1Mainly I got this game for Deluxe Edition (it’s a hobby of mine to collect special edition of games), so I picked this one to get the Agent 47 Figurine. This is just another one of those franchises I’ve heard of that’s rather popular.

There was a controversial advertisement for this game involving nuns. Do you have anything to say about it?

Not much, as I’m not much of religious person, though when I look at it from the people who are complaining about, I understand, it’s rather bad to see people like that made to look rather kinky.

Does the aesthetic work well in the game?

Hitman Absolution img 2The game looks pretty good, each place you go you can feel the emotion of that location like you could really be there. The Chinatown area that you visit in two different levels you get this feel of a bustling district of activity with all the people roaming around the vendors and lanterns.

Are there any other games you would compare it to? Anything stealthy or actiony?

This is how I would have imagined Assassin’s Creed to play as you are given a variety of ways to kill you target in Hitman but Assassin’s Creed after so many titles it gets a bit boring always stabbing someone with a blade up your sleeve. It also reminds me of Splinter Cell (minus the night vision goggles and gadgets).

Have you been able to be creative with the way you assassinated people?

There was one target in this testing ground with mines using pigs and I thought, “I should avenge these pigs for being blown up.” So whilst the target went to the testing ground to examine the results I activated the machine and watched as he got blown-up by his own mines (though I had to sacrifice more pigs for it to work).

How much does the sound feature in the game? Is it good for atmosphere or useful for missions?

The game has a very interesting sound effect when you interact with things, some kind of clicking sound. When you’re using Instincts Mode you get this static sound which is interesting but the game stays mostly quiet only having music that being played in the background.

Were there any problematic levels you struggled with?

Well the level I mentioned in the Testing Facility on the Death Factory level with the scientist, it was pretty hard trying to get all the way to the other side to the controls getting past the guards, all the personnel and waiting for the guy to be in position for me to blow him up, then later on I had to kill two other scientists – I blew one up, and also got another guy cut up.

How did you find the character? Interesting? Blank?

Hitman Absolution img 3Well I certainly found Agent 47 rather intimidating and not someone who socialises much, but as I played the game some more and I do find a different side of him that shows he isn’t always a stone cold killing machine.

How well did you feel the story moved? Was it an easy fast pace or was it slow and difficult?

Well it was certainly interesting for my first game of the series though from what’s happened this game was a major turn in the series, seeing going very underground for 47.

Would you replay this or any of the other Hitman games again?

Yes I plan on replaying this game at some point to try and kill my targets in other ways and to complete the other challenges that I didn’t complete on the levels. I also plan to get my hands on the HD Trilogy set which contains Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money.


  • dmosbon

    I remember the hype levels for this game and how it underperformed upon release. It felt like a nice idea for a game that had only been half finished.