Okay, the obvious first question is, why did it take you so long to play it?

It was mainly a case that at one point I stopped playing it so I could give Hitman Absolution a go, I kinda forgot about it and got occupied playing other games and various other things, it was only until during my random selection that Halo 4 got picked at which point I resumed from where I left off.

2967023-halo-universeWhat has your experience with the Halo universe been before that?

Not much I’ve heard things about it and I’ve seen a few videos of it that talk about since it’s an Xbox only game and when I saw it presented at E3 one time, with Master Chief in that stasis pod, it caught my attention and I ended up buying a special edition of the game.

The Halo series has quite often been seen as the pinnacle of First Person Shooters. Do you think it deserves that title?

Well it certainly has an interesting variety of weapons to use on some interesting enemies, but I might need to play the earlier Halo games to have a full understanding of why it’s popular.

How do you feel about the Halo Master Chief collection announced at E3 this year?

Master Chief Collection
It almost tempts me to get my hands on an Xbox One to play those games as it features all the Halo games featuring Master Chief including Halo 2 which apparently enough isn’t going to be available to 360 (Halo 2 I mean).

Did you delve much into the multiplayer?

I had a few rounds of the Team Deathmatch and some of the maps seemed interesting enough; I did like that when you got enough kills you have several options for something like a powerful gun to drop down nearby.

Halo4MammothWere there any particularly problematic levels or missions in the game?

I suppose when later in the game I was dealing with some heavy artillery, which kept blowing me up and sending me back to my previous checkpoint, but I managed to take care of the fields afterwards (I think it was during the canyon level where you riding in a big vehicle and had to clear out some force fields on the way).

Halo has introduced a few staples to the FPS genre such as regenerating shields and only carrying two weapons at a time. Do you feel these are positive?

HReach_-_Sangheili_ZealotThe regenerating shield is pretty useful as you don’t really have a health bar when it’s down. I sometimes freak out a bit when it’s down and I hear the alarm telling me my shields are down. Only carrying two weapons makes sense (unless you have some impossibly bottomless pockets). The enemy do seem to have a rather nice selection of weapons that you can pick up (I particularly like the energy sword – just looks like a killer, especially when you draw it out and it had a nice sound effect and design).

The controls should feel like second nature by now. Did you have any problems with them to start though?

I found it a little annoying that not all let you aim and you can only aim the reticle on the screen to know where the gun is pointing to shoot.

The graphics for the Halo series have always been seen favourably. How does Halo 4 compare to games released this past year?

The graphics where quite impressive, and the landscapes were quite vast, and the alien structures certainly left an impression. I think this game did a good job to be the last instalment on old gen when the next game comes out on the Xbox One. It was an impressive sci-fi game.

Halo has never struck me as your type of game, was there any reason in particular for buying it?

I guess after playing the Mass Effect games and the Gears of War Trilogy, I wanted to try another popular sci-fi shooter and Halo 4 was the next game that came into sights.

master-chiefFrom an outside perspective, Halo seems like a story about a badass space marine. Does the Halo storyline deserve praise in your eyes?

Master Chief,  from what I seen of him so far, is like he’s a one-man-army who goes against his superiors and does what needs to be done. He also has this little AI stored in his helmet who seems to be a big help to the Chief when it comes to accessing electronic equipment.

Have you re/played any of the other Halo games since this one?

No, but I have not to too long ago acquired a second hand copy of the anniversary edition of Halo, Halo 3 and Halo Reach, so I plan to give these games a go and have a better understanding of the Halo verse, but still wish that Halo 2 was re-released for Xbox 360 instead only just the Xbox One.

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    Not a bad Halo game but then I’m not a great fan. Will be interesting to see how Destiny compares when it’s released in a few weeks.