Hello and welcome to another comic roundup, the final one for August. I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by! This week we have creative team shake ups, a few teasers and a new inmate! So get ready and lets get started…


The Winter Soldier

Winter-SoldierSo rumours have been circulating for months, regarding what the future has in store for Bucky AKA The Winter Soldier. It would appear that his future has been confirmed and it makes for a very big step!

Bucky will be stepping up and taking Nick Fury’s role as the “man on the wall.” We all know that Fury has done some horrible things to protect us. Bucky is set to be placed in similar situations, once again put in a position that has been decided for him.

His new series will follow how Bucky deals with a job, received from someone else. How he manages to fit the job to suit him. What will happen if you’re still unsure of who you are and how will he cope travelling through the Galaxy? It certainly sounds like an interesting time for Bucky. What do you hope to see him achieve and accomplish?


The Punisher

The-PunisherFor years Frank Castle has been waging a one man war against organized crime. He always been one foot over the line, seen as a violent criminal vigilante by Law & Order. In his new series by Nathan Edmondson and artist Mitch Gerads, we have seen him take his war to Los Angeles.

We’ve also seen him become a target of the Howling Commandos and now it looks like the law has finally caught up with him. Now after fleeing to Central America, we are going to see how well Frank copes incarcerated!

It’s certainly been an interesting journey for the Punisher, and I can’t wait to see what awaits him behind bars!



Justice League

Justice-LeagueDC have announced a few changes to their existing creative teams, for a few of their bigger titles.

Justice League will be getting a new artist, from issue 36. Joining writer Geoff Johns will be Jason Fabok, who was previously working on the Batman titles. I’m looking forward to see what Jason brings to the series.


Superman/Wonder Woman

superman---wonder-womanOver in the Superman universe, there will be a new creative team taking the helm on Superman/Wonder Woman also starting in November. The team will comprise of Peter Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke.


Boom Studios!


SirensA little while ago, I spoke about a new original comic being launched by Boom Studios!, named Sirens. The new series written by Geroge Perez launches this Spetember and has already become Boom’s biggest original series to launch.

It looks amazing, with a huge cast of characters and female leads. Plenty of influences from Witchblade to Wonder Woman – looks set to give us a comic with an epic scale!


Dark Horse

Rexodus & More

RexodusDark Horse Comics have announced a renewed strategy. To expand the number of graphic novels they publish, to encompass all-ages. To support this strategy they have announced four new titles to be published, next year.

The four titles comprise of Rexodus, The Courageous Princess, Veda: Assembly Required and The Return of The Gremlins. The four titles are a mix of new and older re-prints.

It sounds like a solid strategy and there are a couple of titles I’ll be keeping my eyes keenly on.


That’s it for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…