Hello and welcome to this week’s Comic Roundup. Comic-Con has gone for another year, yet the news is still coming through thick and fast. This week we have some incredibly weird new crossovers. The return of some of my favorite characters and a little dose of magic!



Spider-womanSpider-Woman is back! Marvel have announced a new ongoing series featuring my favorite female web slinger – Jessica Drew. The new series will be written by Dennis Hopeless and artist Greg Land. It’s set to debut this November, set after the events in the Spider-Verse event.

I’m really excited to see the return of Jessica. She’s had a notoriously convoluted history, and is best remembered for her iconic status back in the 80’s and 90’s. Man, she even had her own cartoon show, which I fondly remember.

So to see her get her own series, once more – I’m excited. This could be the start of something truly great. I can not wait to see what the new team has in store for her.


Howard The Duck

Howard-the-DuckAnother blast from the past, seems to have returned from the ashes. Another hero with a infamous history. Step forward the one, the only, Howard The Duck. Howard has been dogged by misfortune and creative disagreements – from the changes demanded by Disney years ago, to the 1986 movie from George Lucas which earned the accolade of being the second lowest grossing Marvel film ever (although I loved the film, it’s one of my guilty pleasures). Not to mention the issues between Marvel and co-creator Steve Gerber.

However Howard does have his fans, and seeing as how the omnibus collecting all of his fine feathered adventures, has been out of print since 2008 – there hasn’t been much to keep us going. Hoorah then as it appears that the omnibus is getting a reprint. Available in October, the omnibus will be once more within our grasp.

If that wasn’t enough then head over to Comixology, as it would appear that a few of the issues have found their way onto the digital store. Issues from both the classic series and more modern era from 2007 -2008. So if you want a bit more duck in your life – get on over there now!



Angry Birds: Transformers

Anrgy-Birds-TransformersIDW had a rather bizarre announcement to make. In what one can only take as inevitable (because they’ve crossed over with just about everything else by this point)  they announced a new series: Angry Birds: Transformers. Yes, we are going to see the popular game, cross with a huge franchise and head to the pages of an all new comic!

The new series will be written by John Barber, with art by Marcelo Ferreria the story will centre around the all spark falling to Piggy Island. Things soon to go a little weird, as the Angry Birds start to gain Cybertronian abilities!

It all sounds a little bizarre, yet somehow this may just work. What do you think?



Archer & Armstrong: The One %

Archer-and-ArmstrongValiant have set my heart pounding, announcing a one shot title, spinning out of their popular Archer & Armstrong series. The new story: Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent will hit comic book stores this November. Written by Ray Fawkes and Joe Eisma, the new book will see Archer & Armstrong facing their most hostile takeover yet! I can’t wait to get my greasy little mitts on this.



Klarion The Witch Boy

Klarion-the-Witch-BoyJack Kirby creation Klarion the Witch Boy will be getting his very own series, heading to stores this October. The new series will be written by Ann Nocenti, with artist Trevor McCarthy and set in New York. The new series has been described as a Sci-Fi Horror book with a dash of magic!

I’m excited to see what Nocenti brings to the character, plus you can’t beat a pinch of magic now and then – can you?


That’s all from this week. Till next time, this is Cookie signing out…