Things seem to have died down a little since Comic Con. Yet this week there has been some rather interesting titbits, revealed in the comic universe. It’s time for another comic roundup, so grab a drink and lets see what’s in store….


Justice League 3000

Justice League 3000Since Justice League 3000 appeared from DC, by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Horward Porter – it’s been mainly focused on the parasitic clones of the Justice League. Set a thousand years into the future.

It’s been an interesting series so far, yet there are bigger plans afoot and the return of two very familiar faces. Apparently in issue 8, the whole status quo will forever change. Then in issue 12, two previous members of the league will return!

Two rather distinct members, will be found slumbering in a cryonic chamber. I can’t wait for these two to re-emerge. For we will see the return of the pre 52 Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. This is going to make 2015 rather special, don’t you think?



The Superior Foes Of Spider-Man

Superior Foes of Spider-ManMarvel has announced a couple of cancellations this week. One, which to be fair I was expecting to see cancelled long before now. Yet it’s a series that has repeatedly proved to be rather excellent.

It originally spun out of Superior Spider-Man, telling the every day stories of a bunch of Spidey’s foes. It has proven incredibly popular and I have to say its one of those books, which takes you by surprise. Alas all good things come to an end and it looks like this November will be the last. I am of course talking about The Superior Foes Of Spider-Man. It’s a real shame it’s ending…


The New Warriors

The New WarriorsThe second title which unfortunately received the axe, so to speak is The New Warriors. Not as strong as the above, yet still a title, which at times proved rather brilliant. New Warriors will end with issue 12, with the promise of a massive finale and peace for the Warriors, but will it last?



The Bigger Bang

The Bigger BangIDW have announced a new creator owned miniseries by D.J. Kirkbride and artist Vassilis Gogtzilas. It will appear in comic book stores, this November and is titled simply The Bigger Bang!

The new series will focus on Cosmos, a new hero travelling through space to atone for the sins of his birth. Created by a universe killing event! It certainly sounds intriguing, especially the whole redemption for his own birth part.


Action Lab

Fight Like A Girl

Fight like a GirlAction Lab, home to Princeless and Moly Danger have announced a new series written by David Pinkney. Ready to hit stores this November the new title, Fight Like A Girl – certainly has an interesting premise.

The series will follow the adventures of Amarosa who pleads to nine gods for a chance to have one wish fulfilled. That wish, to save her terminally ill brother. It means that she needs to risk her life and gain entry to the fabled Wishing Well. There will be action, with fights against dinosaurs!

Certainly sounds promising, this has certainly caught my eye.


That’s all for this week. Till next time, this is Cookie signing out….