I love Mass Effect. Even though I don’t play it that much, I still really frick’n love it. I love the fact that you can talk your way out of so many situations and that you can shoot the place up. Well, there’s an extent to both sides.

…but does there have to be? I would love an RPG where it is entirely possible that if you give the correct answers, you do not have to fight. Like, at all.

But how would that work when you’ve got so many intergalactic arseholes in the Mass Effect universe? 1 word. Psychoanalysis bitch! Okay, so that’s two words, but the bitch doesn’t really add much to the meaning, only the sentiment.

Hey, what’s that down there? Why it’s a comic of the exact thing I’ve been talking about! How about that! Enjoy!

Mass Effect comic

Written and drawn by Paul Blewitt (well, that explains a few things…)