So, Dr Who will be back very soon. There are many effects this will have – the rise in demand for sonic screwdrivers, a load of people putting the sound of the Tardis as their notification on their phones and general effects on the internet. What do I mean? Stuff like memes, quotes and inevitably gifs.

What’s the problem, you ask? Good question. With more content coming out of Dr Who’s return, it will mean the delicate balance of fandoms will be knocked off kilter. It will mean a whole new load of Dr Who/Sherlock crossovers and it will inevitably mean that the level of cats on the internet get diluted to a unacceptable level.

The only fix? Write to Steven Moffat and ask – nay, demand more cats in Dr Who!

It’s fine, go ahead. We’ll wait. In the meantime, we have a comic about this very issue for you. Enjoy!


Written by Emily King, Drawn by Paul Blewitt.