So last week, I covered quite a few changes, happening with creative teams. Yet the changes haven’t stopped there – this week I was left with my jaw dropping to the floor as some very unexpected changes look set to change the Marvel Universe like never before! So on to this week’s comic roundup where things will never be the same again!



ThorThis week has seen some big, big changes to some of Marvels biggest titles. First up is Thor. Thor is set to change forever this October. No longer, will the Thor as we know be able to lift and wield the mighty hammer Mjolnir. It’s time for a change, and I’ll be honest I was not expecting such a radical step from Marvel. The new series will be written by Jason Aaron and will see Thor be female, but the question remains, who is she? Where has she come from and how is she worthy of the name Thor? Marvel have also been quick to point out that this isn’t a temporary substitute – this will be the one and only true Thor and she is going to kick some serious butt! I’m excited, I really want to see how this pans out, a female Thor could be truly magnificent and I’m really pleased they have been brave to go down this direction. I can’t wait for October.


Captain America

Captain-AmericaNot content to just mix things up with Thor, Marvel continued to unleash the surprises with news on  a new Captain America. Steve Rogers, will be hanging up his costume and shield, handing them over to a new protégé. So that a new Captain America era can begin to unfold. Unlike Thor, the new Cap is a regular member of the Marvel Universe – one that I’ve enjoyed for reading for many years. Stand up Sam Wilson aka the Falcon, and get ready to take the on the mantle of Captain America. This wont be the first time a black Captain America has graced the pages of a comic book – Isaiah Bradley, another member of the US Super Soldier program, actually wore the famed suit over a decade ago. We don’t know when Sam will be taking over – all we know is that it will occur in an upcoming issue of the current series. Now I have no problems with there being a new Cap, to be fair it will allow the series to develop in new areas. Something, which can only be a good thing. I do however wish that like Thor it was a new character an unknown taking over the helm. I like Sam as a character and I like him being the Falcon. Will we see Sam lose some of what has made him so popular over the last decade, will he miss being able to fly? I don’t know perhaps I’m being too close minded but I really don’t want The Falcon to disappear, to just become Captain America. I guess only time will tell…



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters

Turtles-ghostbustersIDW have unveiled a new cross over event, heading to news stands this fall. It’s an interesting cross-over, yet one that has me in two minds. This fall will see the Ghostbusters teaming up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The series written by Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz, will see the Turtles sent to a whole new NYC – when a new invention goes haywire. This new, New York seems to have a lot more ghosts than before, along with the Ghostbusters. However a new foe from the Turtles past has followed them, and has their sights, set on conquering NYC. An interesting premise, but it’s one that I’m going to remain a little pessimistic about!



Trinity Of Sin

Trinity-of-SinDC are set to launch a new Trinity Of Sin series by J.M. DeMatteis and Yvel Guichet. The new series will hit newsstands, this October and will focus once more on the Phantom Stranger, The Question and the Trinity of Pandora. These three will once more need to unite, to battle a cosmic foe who threatens to bring about a new Dark Age. The first arc is six issues, with the first issue launching in October. It’s going to be good to see the Question return, and his first foray into the New 52 Universe. October is seriously getting jam packed!


That’s it for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out……