I’d heard about it, and been intrigued. I knew it was a thing and the word on the street is it was good. The word wasn’t wrong. The word was _______________.

A new kind of game

Most games, even card games rely heavily on rules. They’re constructed to be played in a specific way – tapping lands in Magic, sacrificing cards, heck even things like Mau Mau rely on numbers being associated with actions; pick up 2 cards, miss a go, change suit, etc… The goal – to be left with no cards, to defeat your opponent or to win all the cards.

Cards Against Humanity, I would argue is kind of like a more structured card game version of something like Goat Simulator.

Hear me out

Cards-Against-Humanity-Logo-and-Sample-Cards-on-The-Simple-MomsCards-Against-Humanity-Logo-and-Sample-Cards-on-The-Simple-MomsCards-Against-Humanity-Logo-and-Sample-Cards-on-The-Simple-MomsCards-Against-Humanity-Logo-and-Sample-Cards-on-The-Simple-MomsCards-Against-Humanity-Logo-and-Sample-Cards-on-The-Simple-MomsThe point of Cards Against Humanity is to make people laugh. One person asks a question from the black card pile and the players select a white card as a response (or sometimes just words to fill in the rest of the sentence). The person with the “best” white card played gains a point.

I think one of the things about Cards Against Humanity is that you can play it however you like. The main goal, as I have said is to get the biggest laugh. There are a few extra rules, but on the whole you can choose to ignore them.

What’s with the name?

Cards Against Humanity is funny. Very funny. And also potentially a little disturbing. You find yourself reaching to very dark humour in order to win – which can be a tactic. The other option is to be as bizarre as possible in your responses (although I had to give it to the darkest jokes). These are jokes that I don’t usually like when presented ordinarily, but with the randomness that is Cards Against Humanity, all bets are off.

In a recent game, we came up with quite a few that were so funny that we in hysterics. There were also some, I don’t feel comfortable sharing – this game brings out the worst in you, even if you don’t believe in the jokes, you can find yourself in the position of playing the card just because it’s actually very offensive.

This sounds like a terrible game!

It would be, had it not been designed with friends in mind. Never play this game with a stranger – only with people you trust not to believe in the jokes they’re making.

So who won?

DSC_0477In the game I played (admittedly I did feel like there were some dud ones – or at least some cards that required a different context to even make sense), Emily won. And won by quite a lot. You see, it’s not just about making people laugh. It’s about making the judge laugh. This means that you have to gauge their sense of humour and mood. If they like random humour, play to it. If they’re in a dark mood, play to it. If they’re politically minded, play to it.

To be honest though, even though I came dead last in terms of points, I had a blast. You could almost play it like Whose Line is it Anyway?, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter. Heck some would argue that you win if you don’t lose your friends.

Anyway, here’s a selection of some of the winning responses; enjoy!


Is it worth investing in?

Definitely. It’s a fantastic game – brilliant concept, and one that I for one will be playing again and again. paulgood

Cards Against Humanity is out now in the UK and US. Our reviewer had it given to him as a birthday present from a certain other Hex Dimension writer.

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    Looks like a game my friends and I will get great pleasure from – ordered a set as a payday treat to moi!