Today is our site’s Birthday. That’s one year of The Hex Dimension. And so I want to say a big thanks to all of our contributors for all the great things they’ve written and created these past twelve months.

And I wanted to say a big thanks to our regular readers for sticking around and reading the site.

I set-up The Hex Dimension, because I felt too many other geek sites are too obsessed with “news” and pandering to PR, and also don’t do enough to stop alienating people who don’t fit geek stereotypes. We try to be inclusive here and I hope that comes across to you.

The first year

The site started off with just four contributors, all the Pauls from the Nerds Assemble Podcast and myself. Since then, we’ve been joined by David Osbon, Paul Fakir, Lucy Cokes, David Hurd, Matthew Hurd, Nicholas Heartland and Matthew King. (Rumours as to whether I collect people with the same names have yet to be proven completely true.)

We’ve witnessed some interesting things over the past year, in our home towns, nationally and internationally. Locally, for myself, I got to experience Devon’s first pan-geek convention Dev-Con, Cornwall’s first comics convention – 22 Panels. Plus we had a new videogames bar open its doors: 8-Bit Gaming Bar in Falmouth. The bar is still going and Dev-Con and 22 Panels will be back later this year.

These past twelve months have seen some pretty big events, from The Day of the Doctor to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

During our first year we have had interviews with people like Paul Leonard-Morgan, who composed the soundtrack for Dredd 3D; Gareth Powell (author of Ack-Ack Macaque and many other novels); comics artist Jock (a 2000 AD regular) and many more. And we hope to bring you even more interviews with the people that help drive our hobbies during the next twelve months.

Into the next

Sure there’s a chance that I might decide that Hex needs another facelift (we’ve had one since we started). Regardless of what this site packages itself up in, we’re not going to stop talking about the things we love, loathe or feel is a bit “meh”. We haven’t got any huge plans for world domination, we’re not that kind of site. But we hope that you, dear reader, will stick with us and continue to enjoy our blend of geekiness.

And if you ever felt like writing for us, just let me know.