This week has seen Comic-Con San Diego, open it’s doors once more. There’s been many panels and announcements already. As I write this there are still more publishers ready to take to the stage. So for this weeks comic roundup, I’ve picked my favorite announcements, with more to follow next week. So what are we waiting for, lets see what lays ahead for us…

Dark Horse Comics

Fight Club 2

Fight-Club-2Dark Horse have announced a major new 10 issue series, hitting newsstands next year. The series will be a sequel to one hell of a film: Fight Club. Fight Club 2 will  be written by Chuck Palahniuk and interior artist Cameron Stewart. The new series will see the return of the unnamed narrator, Marla Singer and Tyler Durden.

The story will explore the narrator, failing his 9 year old son Junior. In the same way that the narrator’s father failed him. I’m excited to see how this pans out, it will be interesting to visit the world of Fight Club, once more.



Star Wars – Princess Leia

Princess-LeiaEveryone’s expecting Marvel to announce some Star Wars titles at this years, Comic Con. Especially as they are both owned by Disney – it just makes sense in a business way! Rumors have surfaced, that one of these titles will focus on Princess Leia, bringing them another strong female character to a Marvel series.

It makes sense and my spider sense tingle and I’d be very surprised if they didn’t go in this direction. It helps bolster their lineup and Leia has always been a great character. Expect more news next week, if it does ring true.


Dynamite Comics

The Spirit

The-SpiritDynamite have announced, yet another classic hero, set to join their growing ranks. Joining the likes of Flash Gordon, The Shadow and The Green Hornet will be the return of The Spirit. Dynamite have managed to sign a new licensing agreement with the Eisner estate, securing the return of murdered cop Denny Colt.

The original series had Denny being bought back to life to fight crime in Central City. It ran from 1940 till 1952, with a movie being released in 2008. Starring Samuel L  Jackson and Gabriel Macht.

I’m excited to see Dynamite bring The Spirit back, they’ve done a wonderful job with Flash Gordon. They seem to be just going from strength to strength.


Image Comics

From Under Mountains

From-Under-MountainsImage have announced, quite a few new titles, which have grabbed my attention. First up is a new ongoing fantasy series, promising us magic, witches and goblins. From Under Mountains will hit comic stores next year. It’s promising us rival clans, a world in turmoil and a disgraced knight!

With an unlikely partnership forming between the Knight and a runaway thief, the story will be set in a new world – named Akhara. Great houses will square off for power, with a bitter conflict tearing away at the world.

I have to say after seeing the preview pages, which have appeared I’m really liking the strong visual style. Plus I’m a sucker for a good fantasy story. This has definitely been added to my must read list.


Tokyo Ghost

Tokyo-GhostNext up, is an intriguing title set in Los Angeles 2189. Tokyo Ghost is a new title, bought to us by Rick Remender, whose previous work includes Uncanny X-Men and Deadly Class. Rick will be teaming  with Punk Rock Jesus and The Wake Artist Sean Murphy, along with colorist Matt Hollingsworth – to bring the title to life.

Heading to us sometime in 2015, the new title will introduce us to a pretty screwed up Los Angeles, where manic consumers are fighting and deceiving each other to grab a fix of escapism! They want anyway to escape their boring mundane lives. The escapism that everyone’s addicted to is provided by an entertainment industry – totally run by criminals! With corrupt cops and toxic contamination – this sounds like a really promising title.



IntersectFinally Image announced a new title from bestselling cartoonist Ray Fawkes. Fawkes has written and illustrated some amazing graphic novels, One Soul instantly springs to mind. With his new project for Image we are being promised a brand new original ongoing horror series. The new series will see fully painted work on a monthly basis! Just with that promise, I’ve got to say – I’m pretty damn excited.

The new series entitled Intersect, also promises bodies shifting, merging, warring with themselves. Blood will rain from the skies, with a child’s song being translated into toxic – thought destroying whispers.

Interested? Thought you might be! Intersect will hit comic stores this November. I for one cannot wait!


That’s it for this week. Till next time this is Cookie signing out….