It’s been a crazy week in the comic verse,  with plenty of changes to existing books and a few new titles,  which have stirred my interest.  So without delay, let’s get this week’s comic roundup going…


AXIS Carnage/Hobgoblin

CarnageDetails have emerged linking two new, mini series could be debuting this October- linked with the AXIS story arc. The first title will focus on super villain Carnage,  entitled AXIS Carnage and written by Rick Spears and German Peralta. The new series will focus on Kletus Cassidy and his newly formed bonding,  seen in Superior Carnage.  The second new mini series will focus on another villain from Spidey’s universe –  Hobgoblin.  This particular villain hasn’t been seen for a while. Both new titles with be three issues each and I’m interested to see how the AXIS story arc involves these two characters.


Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier

Bucky-BarnesOctober will see another new title hit the newsstands, involving Captain America’s best friend Bucky Barnes. The new series, well be helmed by Ales Kot and Marco Tudy,  and will focus on Bucky as his alter ego – The Winter Soldier.  Not much else is known but it had been teased that Bucky, now working on an intergalactic stage, well be visiting Limbo and Asgard.  It’s certainly got potential and will be interesting to see where they take the character.



Green Arrow

Green-ArrowThere’s been a lot of changes announced, this week over at the DC offices. First up there’s a new creative tea, taking over the Green Arrow series this October. Issue 35 will mark the end of Jeff Lemire’s and Andrea Sorrentino’s run in the series. The new team is an interesting choice,  especially since they already work with the character! Stepping up to the plate is executive producer of the Arrow TV show Andrew Kreisburg and show writer Ben Sokolowski. Now I’m not sure I want to see the two worlds merge. So I was really pleased to hear that the new team want to bring the old character back, the Green Arrow that resembled more of the Robin Hood character. They seem to want to bring back the opinionated, liberal Oliver Queen back. I’m certainly intrigued to see where they’ll take the character and how Oliver will develop further.



BatgirlAnother creative change is on the way for Batgirl, yep that’s right unfortunately Gail Simone’s time with the character is coming to an end. I’m sad to see Gail go, yet this week does seem to be the time for new starts – especially over at DC. I’m sure Gail’s presence on the book, will be missed. I’m pleased to see that her run will end the current story arc. Allowing for a real fresh start for the new team, which will comprise of Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher. They do have some big changes in store for Bab’s, with her moving to Burnside the cool trendy area of Gotham (I didn’t realize there was one to be fair!). In fact they are describing the new series as a cross between Veronica Mars meets Girls with a dash of Sherlock thrown in. To be honest that description, really doesn’t inspire me, but hopefully this new take on Batgirl will prove to be a big hit.


Earth 2

Earth-2Another change is on the way for Earth 2, which has really been heating up lately thanks to the team of Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott. However in October, can you guess what’s happening? Yep, that’s right we have a new team taking on the series – that team will be  shaken up a little with Marguerite Bennett taking over from Scott. It looks like things are only going to get more intense with the beginning of Worlds End. Definitely one to look out for…


Dark Horse


PastawaysPastAways has been unveiled by Dark Horse this week, a new creator-owned book by Matt Kindt and artist Scott Kolins. I have to say it sounds like this could be a incredible book. It follows a group of explorers from the future, who traverse time. Yet, what happens when they get stuck in the present? Apparently they become immortal, not able to die. It’s not all good though, as hole gets ripped in reality with some really weird stuff begins to happen. I’m intrigued to see what this book is all about, I love the premise.


That’s it for this week, this is Cookie signing out….