Comic Con San Diego, has once more closed its doors. There was plenty of news and announcements, throughout. One did notice, however that a lot of the announcements were more related to TV and Films – rather than just comics. So I thought, seeing as how some of these announcements had managed to make me weep with joy, I’d share my thoughts on some of my favourites….


Every one, who knows me, knows that I love the Arrow series. It’s one of my favourite shows and I can’t wait to see the third season. Warner Bros gave us our first taste of what’s to come last weekend. With a truly epic trailer, filled with promise.

It was filled with a few little teases, which has made me drool with excitement. We got to see Roy Harper taking up the mantle of Arsenal. It also teased the return of Black Canary, and some of the action taking place in Hong Kong – plus we saw for the first time Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer.

Yet the biggest shock, came right at the end of the trailer. As one of DC’s biggest villains was unveiled to be taking part. Enter the one, the only Ra’s al Ghul! Oh yes! This season is set to upend season two, making it pale in scale with season three. I can’t wait for its return later this year.


When Gotham was originally announced, by FOX and Warner Bros, I admit to being rather sceptical. I wasn’t sure whether a show focusing on Detective James Gordon, and his fight to bring Gotham back from the crime and corruption that had eroded the city – was a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong I like the character of Jim Gordon, he’s a vital part of Batman’s Universe. Now we’ve seen more of the show, thanks to this weekends trailer. I have to say I’m rather pumped to see it.

With little tastes of young versions of some of the best characters in the DC Universe, including Selina Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot and a young Bruce Wayne. Coming to terms with the loss of his parents. This trailer has really helped to belay any fears I was having.

It’s looking like a dark, gritty crime drama that is going to bring something new to the Batman Universe. An original look at one of Gotham’s darkest periods. Bring it on!

The Flash

Personally I’ve been excited for the Flash, since Barry Allan first appeared in Arrow’s season two. At Comic Con, of course there was a new trailer highlighting the Flash’s super speed. We see a road cop completing a cross word. Two cars speed past, then his coffee cup starts rattling…

It was cool to see just how well, the show seems to be depicting the Flash’s super speed. It’s looking impressive. What got me even more excited though, was the crossword puzzle! The answer to the first clue, teases a big villain for the series – or does it? I really hope so as this is one villain, I would love to see on the TV.

Mike Tyson Mysteries

Now this had to be just the weirdest and unexpected, announcement at the show! Mike Tyson is getting his own adult cartoon series! Yep, you read that right – the Mike Tyson. What’s even weirder is, from the trailer, it looks like he’s going to be solving mysteries a little like Scooby Doo.

In fact, the whole thing seems very familiar – including his van. Correct me if I’m wrong but the van does look a little like the Mystery Machine, don’t you think? Tyson will have his own gang, helping him to solve mysteries. They include a Korean teenage daughter, Yung Hee, who appears to be the brains of the operation. Then we have the ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury and to make up the team a loud mouthed, alcoholic talking pigeon! Yes an alcoholic pigeon! Don’t believe me, then check out the trailer below.

So that, for me was some of the highlights from Comic-Con, TV wise. Have I missed anything? What were your picks? Let us know.