Another week is over, that can only mean its time for yet another comic roundup! This week we have news from The Jim Henson Company, Dynamite and Marvel.


The Storyteller: Witches

WitchesThis week we’ve had some very interesting news from Arhaia, the official publisher of Jim Henson Comics. This September will see a new mini series haunted based on the 80’s TV show – The Storyteller. If you remember the show, like I do, you’ll remember it featured a narrator sitting in a cosy chair by a gorgeous fireplace. Recounting tales about magical for off lands and mythical creatures. It was a wonderful magical show. The new mini series, entitled The Storyteller: Witches will follow the same theme. I cant wait to see how it fairs in the pages of a comic book. Hopefully it will capture the same magic!



Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1

75-AnniversaryThis October will see Marvel, celebrate over seven decades of mighty storytelling in a new anthology, aptly named Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1. Seeing new and old unite, this new book will see old events retold though fresh eyes. Along with some new stories, including one featuring Jessica Jones. Featuring work from Stan Lee, Stan Goldberg Brian Michael Bendis, Bruce Timm and Len Wein. Added to this jam packed anthology will be extras, including retrospectives, articles and tributes. This is going to be an essential purchase for all Marvel fans out there.


Guardians 3000

Guardians-3000Marvel also announced this week the return of Dan Abnett, to the Guardians Of The Galaxy- albeit a slightly different lineup. This October Abnett, will reportedly take control of the original Guardian’s in Guardians 3000, the new series will be set in the future of the Marvel Universe. The cast will include Major Vance ‘Astro, Starhawk and Yondu as they strive to save the future from the Badoon. It will certainly be interesting to see this story unfold.



Payment Plan

DC-payment-planDC have unveiled a new payment plan for the talent working on their books this week. In quite a big change, for the first time royalties will now be paid on a books net revenue. Not just its cover price. This will enable the writers and such to receive payments for digital sales, instead of a flat fee. This is great news as far as I’m concerned and seems to me to be a great step in the right direction. For too long the digital sales, seem to have left the talent without the correct rewards for their sterling work. What do you think?



Dynamite 10th Anniversary

DynamiteDynamite are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this week, with an amazing amount of content up for grabs. For the first time they have launched a humble bundle, which will include over 120 digital comic books. The titles up for grabs include The Green Hornet and Red Sonja. Added to this is a free comic every day for you to download. Just visit the humble bundle page. This promotion will end this Wednesday, so be quick and don’t miss out on this great package and remember money will also go to charity.


That’s all for another week, this is Cookie signing out…