Welcome once more to another comic roundup, it’s the weekend and I’ve a few news titbits for you all sink your teeth into. So grab a pint or coffee and let’s begin….


Moon Knight

Moon-Knight-2I was a little disheartened, when I heard that the current series of Moon Knight was finishing on issue 6. I was hoping that a new creative team may be announced and that It could carry on for a little longer. Well it looks like Marvel have heard the fans and announced a new team taking over at the helm, the new team will consist of Brian Wood, Greg Smallworld and Jordie Bellaire. Excited? You bet!


The Avengers

AvengersMore news has surfaced regarding the Avengers story arc Time Runs Out, which will be hitting new stands this September. We already knew it was going to jump ahead eight months, but it would appear that’s just the beginning of things. The biggest shake up though sees Thanos and his Black Guard taking over as the New Avengers. Yes you read that right Thanos will be heading up the team! I have to admit I didn’t see this happening. I’m intrigued to see how this happens and how the hell it ends.



Roche Limit

Roche-LimitImage have unveiled a new series from Michael Moreci and Vic Malhotra. It’s a new sci-fi series, which is being described as a blend of 001 and Bladerunner. This has made me sit up and take interest. Called Roche Limit, the new series will see a colony situated on the cusp of a energy anomaly. The colony is plagued by crime and terrible secrets – and with the disappearance of one woman a terrible future for mankind will be revealed. It sounds bold dark and very promising, it will be hitting news stands this September.



Dark Horse

The Resurrectionists

ResurrectionistsGet ready for the Resurrectionists, a new creator owned series from Fred Van Lente and Maurizio Rosenzweig. The title will hit news stands this November, the premise certainly has me intrigued. Ancient Egyptian tomb robbers are being born over and over again, complete with the memories from past lives fully intact. When they latest resurrection occurs in today’s modern day, they attempt to reverse history in order to win his future. I’m rather liking the whole Egyptian spin and it certainly sounds like this could go onto being a massive hit. Roll on November.


That’s a wrap for another week. Till next time this is cookie signing out….