Another week has flown by, which can only mean it’s time for this week’s comic roundup. This week we have news from Marvel, Dynamite, Titan and IDW. It’s been an interesting week with some interesting team ups. So let’s get started…


Doctor Who – The Twelfth Doctor

Dr-WhoThis year see’s a new Doctor entering the TARDIS, Peter Capaldi will be taking over the helm of popular SCI-FI series. Although the date for the new series has yet been officially announced it looks like, Titan are not letting this keep them from jumping straight in. This week they announced their third on-going series, penned by Robbie Morrison. The new series entitled Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor will debut on the 1st October. More interestingly though, due to licensing restrictions if you wish to purchase a copy in the UK or Ireland, you will only be able to pick up a digital copy. Seems a bit bizarre to me….



GI Joe

GI-JoeSo GI Joe 3 was announced last week, and it looks like IDW are relaunching the series in comic book form, once more. What’s really made me sit up and take notice though, is the direction the new series is taking. Issue 1 is going to hit news stands this September and will be written by Karen Traviss, the first female to ever take on the series. Not only that but the focus will be shifting with Scarlett leading the team. I’m glad they seem to be shaking up the Joe’s and even more pleased Scarlett is set to take center stage for once, rather than a supporting role.



Ultimate FF

Ultimate-FFThe Ultimate Universe, since being rebooted seems to have, failed to hit it’s stride. Now unfortunately, it would seem that Ultimate FF is another casualty. The series written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, will end this August in issue six. It was quite unusual in only having one of the original members of the FF, being present – Sue Storm. She was joined by Iron Man, Falcon and Machine Man. Sales have never really made much of a dent for this book, with issue two, entering near the bottom at No 141. It was quite an intriguing idea with the new line up, alas it just seems to have fallen flat.



Django and Zorro

Django-and-ZorroSome rather bizarre but exciting news has landed from Dynamite Entertainment this week. It would appear that they are teaming up with the mighty DC for a very special cross over. Django, the Cowboy/slave seeking revenge in the most excellent Django Unchained is set to meet….wait for it….Zorro! Yes the hero swordsman who likes to leave his mark with a Z, is about to cross paths with Django. Now you think that’s a little weird, well get ready for the best bit of this unusual partnership. For not only will these two be meeting, but Quentin Tarantino is on board co-plotting the series with Matt Wagner! Yes you read that right, Mr Tarantino is helping with this series. This has got so much potential, yes it’s unexpected but with the talent on board I’m hoping for very big things from this.



Adventures of Superman

SupermanStaying with DC now, and it would look like the ill fated digital first comic, Adventures Of Superman has reached the end of the line. The series opened with quite a bit of controversy with the hiring of Orson Scott Card as writer. No one involved seemed to be aware of Cards active involvement for anti-gay marriage legislation, we then saw artist Chris Sprouse withdraw from the series because due to the commotion caused. I can’t say I blame the guy, for leaving in fact huge respect to Chris. Ever since though, the series has been left in limbo, with DC officially looking for a replacement artist. Well the search is over and basically the series will end with issue twenty seven – due out this September. The final issue will be helmed by Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude. What do you think about the cancellation?


That’s it for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out….