It’s that time once more. For me to run through the biggest comic news this week, the news that has made sit up and take notice. This time we’ve got news from Marvel, Vertigo and Dynamite! So let the rambling cease and let’s get on with the first piece….


Captain Victory

Captain-VictoryDynamite have a new title hitting stands this August, I’ll admit to being slow – it hadn’t appeared on my radar. Until I read an interview over at Comic Vine this week. Why am I so excited you may ask? Well that’s because they are bringing back another classic Jack Kirby character – in the shape of Captain Victory! Yes that’s right, Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers is heading back and this time the characters in the very capable hands of Joe Casey. I can’t wait to see how Joe handles this character and brings the series into a new era.



The Names

The-NamesWhenever Vertigo announce a new title – I can’t help but let intrigue get the better of me. They’ve published some amazing stories over the years and created some wonderful characters. So when I noticed a new title, to be launched this September – I needed to find out more. The new series is written by Peter Milligan and artist Leandro Fernandez. It’s title – The Names had me speculating all sorts of directions for the story but I wasn’t quite prepared for the initial description. It’s big described as a cross between The Wolf of Wolf Street and Kill Bill! This part really got me foaming at the mouth with anticipation…. The series will center on Katya Walker, a woman trying to break into the 1%. She’s after the men who pull the strings financially for the nation – the men who seem to have had something to do with the death of her husband. Certainly sounds like a strong thriller mystery, which could have plenty of twists and turns!




AXISA few weeks ago Marvel teased us with a new event, named simply Axis. Details were scarce, and to be honest I didn’t think we would hear anything till later in the year. I was wrong! marvel have released more details and it’s shaping up to be another spectacular cross over event with The Avengers and X-Men. The new story will begin this October and will take part over nine issues. It would seem that the two super teams may have to bury the hatchet and team up in order to defeat the Red Skull and his Onlsaught-ification! There seems to be a host of baddies ready to join Red Skull if the teaser image is anything to go by. Apparently there will also be a group called simply the Axis involved. Intriguing to say the least, looks like were in for a real treat this autumn.


Hawkeye VS Deadpool

Hawkeye-vs-DeadpoolMy favourite Merc with a mouth Deadpool is going up against the one and only Hawkeye, this October in a special Halloween S.H.E.I.D espionage mystery! Written by Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Lolli, this special story will the two characters racing against the clock and trying their best to outshine the other. Apparently both characters will have personal reasons to settle the events, unfolding before them. It sounds like is could be a good solid story, especially as these two characters don’t really know each other that well, or trust one another.


That’s all for this week, so till next time – this is Cookie signing out…..