Emily and her gang of Pauls (Paul, Cookie and Retroid) are back and righteously indignant. Today’s talking points; Sarah Hamilton, the voice behind The Longest Journey’s April Ryan reaches out for help with medical bills, the 12th Doctor – Matt Smith is heading for a major role in the upcoming trilogy of Terminator films, the Daily Mail is adding 2 plus 2 and coming up with 22 by linking the murder of school teacher and Dark Souls, and Dredd producer tells everyone to keep their pants on regarding a sequel. Later on in the episode, involves a lot of ranting from Paul and Retroid regarding bad online comments and cyber-bullying in the wake of recent events on Comic Book Resources old forums and Star Citizen forums.

Oh and don’t forget to play along with us using the Nerds Assemble card game (v1.1) designed by Joseph Payne.

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