Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. This week we have a storm warning, a mystery is solved and there’s clues from DC. So grab a pew and a drink, lets get this show on the road….



StormIt’s been another busy week at Marvel. First up is confirmation that the new Storm solo series will be hitting news stands this July. Finally Storm seems to be getting her due, with this new on-going series, which will be the first since 2006. The new series is in the very capable hands of Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez. The new series will see Storm chasing around the globe, solving crimes and ending natural disasters. Pretty much being the hero that she has always been, her hopes to gain admiration as a real hero hopefully furthering the peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans. I’m rather excited to see Storm finally get her own on-going series, out of all the mutants once could be forgiven for thinking she really hasn’t had the chance to shine. Now maybe she will get the chance to stand on her own and really show us what she’s capable of. 


Original Sin

Original-SinOriginal Sin has begun with the first issue being released this week. Yet there’s still little titbits being revealed as part of the series, some with answers to questions that have been burning my little mind for years. In 2010 Star-Lord and Thanos escaped death in the Cancerverse. These events played out during the story arc “The Thanos Imperative”, both seemed to escape fairly unscathed. However there was a third member of the party, who didn’t seem to be so lucky. Nova Richard Rider was also stuck in the Cancerverse – alas he hasn’t been seen since this event. No one seemed to know what had happened to the former Nova and Marvel didn’t seem to want to follow it up – giving me the answer I was craving for. That is until now, as part of the Original Sin series, it looks like my questions may well finally be answered in #18 Guardians Of The Galaxy. The issue is due to hit newstands this August and will be written by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ed McGuinness. I cant wait to finally have this mystery solved. 


Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing-Spider-ManThis past few weeks saw the return of Mr Parker in Amazing Spiderm-Man #1, and it looks like the fans have lapped it up. Already it has debuted in the top ten, and more importantly it has become the best selling comic in both units and dollars for over a decade. No mean feat. I knew that with the return of Peter as our favourite web slinger, the book would sell well. In fact I would have been quite surprised if it hadn’t made the top ten. However to become the best selling comic in over a decade, now that is a very pleasant surprise.



Futures End

Futures-EndOver at the DC offices, they’ve released a few teasers regarding there upcoming August books in the Futures End series. It looks like we’re going to see the DCU five years from now and Constantine realises that he’s on to something a lot bigger than he originally bargained for. Also it looks like we’re going to find out the truth behind the masked Superman! I haven’t picked up any of this series yet, but its certainly sounding like one that will be heading to my must read pile very soon. 


Thats it for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out.