Hello and welcome to another comic roundup. This time we have dysfunctional superheroes, a disease ridden world and a cross over from Marvel. So without further ado let’s begin…


Black Widow and The Punisher

punisherblackwidowNews has reached me this week that two of Marvels biggest hitters are about to cross paths. This August will see Nathan Edmondson have his current characters, Black Widow and the Punisher take part in a two part adventure. The new story arc is entitled “Friend From Foe”, each issue will focus on one of the characters – telling the same story but from each characters perspective. Edmondson has also teased that the events could cause a ripple effect – creating a third title. Should be interesting to see how this all pans out.


Image Comics


WaywardImage have released information regarding a new series from Jim Zub and Steve Cummings – entitled Wayward. I’ve become quite intrigued with this new series, especially as it describes itself as “Buffy for a new generation.” The new book will focus on Rori Lane, whose just moved to Tokyo. Rori is a young girl, who soon begins to see strange symbols and patterns of a mystical nature. To learn more about her new powers and to kick some monsters butt, she soon bands together with a group of like minded teenagers. I’m quite liking the premise of this series and I’m really loving it being set in Tokyo. Let’s just hope it can be all it can and not just a run of the mill series. 


God Hates Astronauts

God-hates-astronautsIt would seem that Image have fallen head over heels for internet comic God Hates Astronauts. The series proved to be a hit when it was released online – it then went on to be a huge success on Kickstarter. Giving us a collected edition to enjoy courtesy of Image. Now they have gone one step further with this series following a dysfunctional superhero team, whom are more concerned with their own affairs than the dangers they are supposed to neutralise. Image have confirmed that a new ongoing series will be hitting news stands later this year – and the creators are promising its going to be even more crazy than before. This is going to be one crazy ride!


Boom Studios

The Empty Man

The-Empty-ManBoom Studios are wanting to take us in to a world of terror this June! Their new series The Empty Man is set to make us shiver with dread, as the tale unfolds. The story is set in a dytopic version of the world. A world where a terrifying disease has managed to inspire a wave of murderous cults. People are on a killing spree, and the only connection seems to be the empty man! This sounds rather creepy, yet I’m intrigued as to who this empty man is and how it ties into this new disease.



Selfie Covers

Batman-66-variantIf like me you love your variant covers, get ready for what could prove to be some of the best. DC have produced some amazing variant covers this year, all centred around a different theme. January we had Scribblenauts Unmasked, Robot Chicken in March and Batman 66 in May. This August though DC are going to give us the Selfie covers. No other information has been revealed as yet. So we’re all free to speculate. What would you like to see for the selfie month? Batman showing off in his bathroom mirror? Wonder-Woman taking it easy on the beach? Who knows but it should prove quite interesting. Let me know what you think it could be…


That’s it for now, so this is Cookie signing out – till next time.