Hello and welcome to this weeks comic roundup. This week we have some of the biggest stories to hit during the weekend, from the panels at this years C2E2. So grab a drink, get comfy and let’s get this show started….



AxisMarvel took the chance to announce their latest event at this years C2E2. Not many details were given, just a teaser of the name – Axis. Everyone including myself are assuming that this new event will kick off in September, straight after Original Sin. The only thing that seems to be indicated from the logo, is that it will involve the Avengers and The X-Men once more. Could there be another fight between these two groups on the horizon? Or will some other bigger force unite them in an unforeseen manner? Will it have anything to do with the events in Original Sin? These are the questions that came straight to mind, I guess only time will tell. What do you think it will be?



spidermenMore news on the latest spider-verse event, hitting news stands later this year. At the panel they announced quite a few Spider-Men who will be appearing in the new story. One of them, whom I can’t wait to see in action! They announced with great enthusiasm the inclusion of the Japanese Spider-Man. This Spider-Man was first seen in Japan’s 1978 live action series, a motorcycle racer given powers by the last survivor of Planet Spider. I can’t wait to see this incarnation swing his way into the comic. This spider-verse event is certainly turning into something rather spectacular.


Deadpool vs X-Force

deadpool-vs-x-forceGet ready for one hell of a battle royal. This July will see everyone’s favourite merc with a mouth take on Cable and the rest of the X-Force gang. In a new four part series entitled Deadpool vs X-Force, Duane swierczynski and artist Pepe Larraz will take us back to Wade Wilson’s early days. At a time when the X-Force need to head back in time to stop Deadpool from destroying American history. I’m quite looking forward to see this story unravel, and just how could Deadpool create such a disaster? Should be fun finding out.


Last Will and Testament Of Charles Xavier

Last-will-XavierIt was also announced that two issues of Uncanny X-Men will tie into the Original Sim event. Get ready for the reading of a will, from the one the only Charles Xavier. Yes that’s right in issues #23 and #24 it would appear that Brian Michael Bendis and artist Chris Bachalo will be tackling the last wishes of Charles Xavier. I’m assuming that with so many enemies and possible skeletons in the proverbial closet, this is one will reading that isn’t going to go smoothly!



Batman Day

Batman-75Over at the DC office, new details have emerged regarding Batman day. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight on the 23rd July. Personally I can’t believe that Bats is nearly seventy five years old. To mark the occasion DC have announced a special new version of Detective Comics #27, which gave us the first appearance of Batman – this special edition will also be free at participating comic stores. This special edition will also be available for free from selected digital retailers. Adding to the celebration will be 75th anniversary cape, book marks and four masks designed by cover artist Ryan Snook. So grab your calendar and mark the 23rd July down and get ready to celebrate DC’s greatest detective.


Birds Of Prey vs Suicide Squad

Birds-of-Prey-vs-Suicide-SquadStepping to a darker corner of Gotham now and writer Christy Marx is looking to pit the Birds of Prey against the Suicide Squad. Allowing Black Canary to tie up loose ends from her early years. There’s secrets to be found, surrounding the death of Kurt Lance and it looks like this is going to a feud ready to take to the next level. In fact if you follow the titles then this scenario seems to have been a long time coming. Get ready for issue #32 when the gloves are off and the fight begins!


That’s it for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…..