There’s nothing worse than cruising through a racing game and getting pipped at the last minute by another driver. Mario Kart is infamous for its blue shell doing just that. It’s also infamous for the rage that happens afterwards, and with it’s newest release less than a month away – complete with its online, I can imagine a lot of frustrated drivers online…


Special thanks to that guy that sent a swat team to that house when he lost online. That’s a kill-steak perk I never saw coming!

  • Hurdy42

    Loving the new look, Paul – that shading makes all the difference. Have you switched software too?

    • Emily King

      I think he may have switched to using Photoshop…

    • Paul Blewitt

      Thank you.

      I’m using solely photoshop now.

      Just developed a new method of making the comics that seem to give me more control – and I prefer the style too. 😀