The videogame reboot of Tomb Raider last year (2013) was my gaming highlight but it was also one of the biggest surprises as I hadn’t been a Laura Croft fan previously. With Gail Simone taking over the writing duties for the Dark Horse Comics book continuation, I have to admit I felt a little wary. Would the transformation of Lara Croft be handled in comic book format just as well as it was in an interactive gaming format?


Yes and maybe

The story Rhianna Pratchett penned in the rebooted Tomb Raider was of a journey of self-discovery for the player as Lara Croft. In the most part it was presented as a solo experience with the smallest of parts given to the supporting cast of characters. Gail Simone has a difficult job ahead deciding whether to follow the same pattern or to flesh out the characters around Lara Croft. This first issue neatly reintroduces a few faces from the video game experience but doesn’t push the action too far away from that past. We see Lara confronting her guilt over those she left behind on the island of Yamatai while dealing with the fallout from those that survived with her.

The pencil work by Nicolas Daniel Selma is neat and a fair reflection of the characterization from the videogame but it’s not my favorite style; it’s a little too crisp and polished. It will be telling if Nicolas stays for the entire run of the comic or if as the story moves forward we will see an artist that has a grittier definition to their work?

Worth a read?

David-Could-Be-BetterOverall this is a decent start from Gail and Nicolas and I do hope that it leads to some memorable moments and a prelude to the next Tomb Raider game that we as both gamers and readers deserve.

Tomb Raider #1 is out now and published by Dark Horse. We paid for our own copy of this comic.