After the reintroduction of Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland, from the Sandman universe, in issue 1 of Dead Boy Detectives the second issue sees Crystal Palace make her entrance. She is on the trail of the two boys after the events of the first issue, a trail that leads her to their old school St.Hilarions.


DeadBoyDetectives_2Crystal is unfortunate with friendships; so much so that she resorts to playing an online game called Yonda. Here there’s little risk that anything malicious can happen to those she befriends – a nice reversal of how parents can perceive the Internet. While those she does make friends with outside the web befall some very odd ghostly deaths.

Edwin and Charles learn more about the events that brought about their demise as Crystal begins her hunt. They remain largely the spectators in this the second part of a four-part storyline ‘Schoolboy Terrors’. The story is still holding my attention and Mark Buckingham’s artwork compliments the style nicely.

Worth a read?

David-GoodWhile Edwin and Charles cannot come to any mortal harm the onus will fall on how well those they meet are developed into their story. If there’s no bond or empathy developed into characters like Crystal then I’m not going to care about how things develop.

Luckily there’s a seed of empathy in Crystals character. She’s the misfit and underdog and very much like Edwin and Charles once probably were. I’m curious to see well things progress in the coming months and whether the question of why Death has not taken Edwin and Charles is ultimately answered.

Dead Boy Detectives #2 is out now and published by Vertigo. The writer paid for his own copy of the comic.