Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. This week we enter deep gravity,as well as a new series traversing four separate time periods. So without further ado lets get this show on the road….



BodiesThis week Vertigo have unveiled a rather interesting new series – entitled Bodies. Written by Si Spencer this new eight part series, will feature four different time Zones and four different artists- one for each time Zone. Its a murder mystery spanning 1890, 1940, 2014 and 2050! It’s a rather cool concept, which has certainly grabbed my attention. The series should hit News stands this summer.


Lion Forge

Saved By The Bell

Saved-by-the-BellLion Forge has made me one happy bunny! At this years Emerald City Comic Con they were joined by none other than Dennis Haskins. Or should I say Principal Belding! If you grew up in the 80’s, you know who I’m talking about, for Saved By The Bell is coming bark albeit in comic form. That’s right Zack, Screech and the rest of the gang are coming back, hitting Bayside in the 21st Century.


Knight Rider vs Airwolf

Airwolf-vs-knight-riderThe good news doesn’t stop there though, for Lion Forge amongst their other announcements had one massive unveiling, which blew me away -Knight Rider vs AirwoIf. The classic TV shows are finally crossing over, battling it out like never before. Get ready for some retro goodness, the 80’s are back baby!



Superman Unchained

Superman-UnchainedSome bad news for Superman fans this week, regarding the Unchained series. It would seem that there are a few delays, plaguing the last son of Krypton. Issue 7 was due to hit shelves in Feb, its now been rescheduled for the end of April, which coincidently was the date for issue 8. New dates for issue 8 and 9 seem to here been taken off the table, disappearing into publishing limbo. One is wondering what going on. Hopefully it wont be long before we find out.


Dark Horse

Deep Gravity

Deep-GravityThis week Dark Horse unveiled a new four part sci-fi series, get ready for Deep Gravity. The new series comes from Mike Richardson, the creative duo Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko. The story is set on Poseidon, Earth’s Deadly sister planet. A planet circling a red dwarf, three years from Earth. The story will follow an expedition that started for Science but has turned into a beast of profit! The concept seems pretty cool and I cant wait to see what lays in wait for us on Poseidon.


That it for this week, till next time – this is Cookie signing out.