It’s that time once again, to delve into the latest comic news- in this weeks comic roundup. This time we have more sins, deaths and reboots than you can shake a stick at. so without further ado, lets get this show on the road.


Death Of Nick Fury

Nick-FuryFirst up, rumours have started appearing on the web -the another loved character may be facing an untimely demise! l stated seeing these appear at the beginning of the week. If it does indeed become reality then shield is about to be shaken. According to a few reports after wolverine has met his end, Nick fury will follow! It would certainly shake the entire Marvel Universe to its core. I wonder what Marvel would look like without the one and only Nick Fury.


Nova’s Original Sin

Nova-original-sinFrom death to sin now, as details have emerged about how the new story arc – Original Sin, is sinking its’ claws into Nova. The newest Nova, Sam Alexander joined the Marvel Universe in Avengers vs X-Men. Since then, Sam’s been trying to find out what happened to his janitor father – who led a secret life as a Nova. In Nova 18 and 19 Sam’s set to find out, but perhaps some secrets should be left alone! Watch the story unfold as his bloody origin is finally unveiled.


Iron Man vs Hulk

Iron-Man-vs-HulkSticking with the Original Sin theme, it would appear that Dr Bruce Banner and Tony Stark have a little more in common than previously thought. In another spin off story entitled Iron Man vs Hulk – set to hit shelves this June this four part mini-series. The story is set to show that Tony may have had a little more to do with Dr Banners gamma radiation accident then we all originally knew. Its going to be interesting to see how this affects their relationship, once the truth has been unearthed. Original Sin seems to be catching everyone out…



Teen Titans

Teen-TitansOver at the DC camp, the end is nigh for Scott Lobdell’s volume of Teen Titans. The final issue is set to wrap things up at the end of April. However don’t fear for DC have already unveiled that the Teen Titans are coming back – this time under the helm of Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort. The new series will kick off in July, and feature Red Robin, Wonder Girl and Beast Boy. I’m glad they are coming back, I’ve always had a soft spot for the teen heroes.


Archie Comics

Life With Archie

ArchieIt would seem that the end is nigh for Archie – well in his Life With Archie series that is. Life With Archie has given us an imaginary time line, where we have been able to see an older Archie getting Betty and Veronica in rival storylines. Confused yet? I know I was…anyways so the story gets wrapped up in issues 36 and 37. What better way to wrap up an imaginary storyline? Well how about an imaginary death! It also looks like ti could be a heroes death, which would only be fitting to be fair….


That’s it for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out….