Hello and welcome to this weeks Comic Roundup, this week we have news on some familiar faces returning. A new zombie series ready to take on some bloodsucking vamps and some possible additions to Thor’s family tree. So enough jabbering let’s get this show on the road….


Original Sin: Thor and Loki

Thor-and-LokiThis week Marvel has been hinting at some more of the rocks, which are going to be unturned thanks to their Original Sin series. It would appear that even mighty Asgardians have secrets in their closets. Earlier this week it was announced that there would be another tie in to the Original Sin series, starring Thor and Loki. The teaser image would indicate that Odin has a third child…a sister whose been sitting in the shadows – and boy does she seem pissed off. I’m quite excited to see how Thor and Loki handle the fact that they now have another sibling, will it bring the family closer or could the ramifications tear away their very souls. I’m itching to find out…..


The Legendary Star Lord

New-Star-LordGetting ready for the release of the Guardians of The Galaxy movie, Marvel have already revealed an ongoing Guardians comic and a new series focusing on Rocket Raccoon. Now get ready for a solo series focussing on Star Lord. Details are sparse at the moment, but the title seems to be The Legendary Star Lord. A title, which definitely fits Star Lords ego! The new series will be Sam Humphries , Paco Medina and covers by Steve McNiven. The new series will debut in July just before the movies release. His summer is going to be all about the Guardians….and I’m excited.



StormMoving onto our favourite mutants now and staying with solo adventures. It’s come to my attention that July will also see a new series focussing on Storm. Details are sparse at the moment – more details should be confirmed at the C2E2 in Chicago this weekend. All I know is that the creative team is apparently going to comprise of Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez. Hopefully I’ll have more news next week, Storms a great character and this could prove a must read series.


Avatar Press

Extinction Parade: War

Max-BrooksMax Brooks has announced his brand new comic – Extinction Parade: War. The new series will continue his brilliant Extinction Parade series, where blood sucking Vampires are at war with flesh eating Zombies. Vampires have had it cosy, nothing to worry about living for over a thousand years without much conflict. However they’ve now realised that the humans won’t survive the Zombie infestation without their aid. They need to step in before it’s too late. Max Brooks has been an integral part in the Zombie resurgence, we’ve seen over the last decade. Writing the fantastic World War Z and The Zombie Survival guide, this new series is going to be a must read. I’m certainly excited to see where he takes the war with this next chapter. The new series will hit news stands this July.


That’s it for this week, a little short but I’m guessing a lot is being held back for Chicago. So join me next week when I’ll be looking at the biggest stories to come out of C2E2. This is Cookie signing out…..