Hello – it’s time once again to delve into the biggest comic news from the past week. This time we have an old face joining the new crew in Star Trek, some interesting news from Gotham and Dynamite signing one of the biggest names. So grab a chair, get comfy and make a brew. Let’s get this comic roundup into warp seven….



GraysonSo DC are up first this week, with two bits of news concerning Bats and family. First up is the answer to the burgeoning question: what’s happening with Dick Grayson since Forever Evil. It would seem that DC have answered this very question this week, with news that Dick will be getting a new ongoing series – albeit not as Night Wing! The new series simply entitled Grayson will see my favourite Robin hanging up his mask….and becoming a secret agent. Yep, that’s right he’s going to be 007 or similar. Written by Tim Seeley and Tom King, the new series will see Dick working for agency Spyral, an agency that first appeared in Batman Incorporated. Also unveiled was Dicks new outfit, which looks like something from Mission Impossible. An interesting idea and I can see how the character Dick Grayson could certainly grow more in a situation like this. Grayson will be hitting the new stands July 2nd.


Robin Rises: Omega

Robin-RisesNews has arrived concerning another Robin. Batman hasn’t really been himself since Damian Wayne, the latest to don the Robin costume met his untimely demise last year. In fact there’s been a storyline entitled the “Hunt For Robin” as Bats has tried to figure out how to bring back Damian. Now in a one shot title named Robin Rises: Omega it looks like Bats will finally get another Robin by his side. DC are keeping quiet about who will be taking up the boy wonder mantle – but it would appear that the ongoing fight between the caped crusader and Ra’s al Ghul goes to a whole new level. There’s also hints that The Justice League and Bats relationship takes a turn for the worse. Robin Rises: Omega will hit news stands on July 16th written by Peter Tomasi. I’m betting that somehow Damian will return, what do you think?



The Q Gambit

The-Q-GambitNews has come from the Federation, courtesy of a new story line in IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series. I’m excited this has the potential to be epic! The current run of stories focuses on the new timeline from the movies, with Kirk and Spock. Now one of my favourite villains from the TNG series is about to meet Kirk for he first time….Q is returning. The new story arc is entitled The Q Gambit and is written by veteran writer Mike Johnson. Joining Johnson is renowned artist Tony Shasteen, who has previously worked on The Vampire Diaries and Batman: Arkham Unhinged. I’m rather excited to see how Q interacts with the crew of the Enterprise and what the changes to the timeline could mean for him. Apart from some cover art, nothing else has been revealed. I’ll keep you posted….



Guardians Of The Galaxy: Galaxies Most Wanted

Guardians-of-the-GalaxyStaying in space for a little while longer, Marvel has announced a galactic one shot event – starring Rocket Raccoon and his best friend Groot. The title will hit the news stands in July entitled Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy’s Most Wanted. The story will feature the duo as cosmic bounty hunters, however this time they find each other working with cross – purposes. This should be a pretty sweet story making July even more exciting.


That’s it for this week, this is Cookie signing out….