The X-Files: Conspiracy “Ghostbusters” continues where the first issue left off: The Lone Gunmen desperate to find a cure for a disease that’s threatening to overwhelm the United States. With little to go on except some mysterious newspaper stories that appear to be from the future, the guys head out for Manhattan. Their destination? Ghostbusters HQ.

X-Files Conspiracy Part 2 img 1Familiar faces

In this issue, writing duties have been taken on by Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters (comics), Scarlet Spider) and he is definitely a great choice. Having obviously worked on many Ghostbusters comics over the years, he’s got a clear appreciation and understanding on the characters involved. Rather than setting up just how different the Ghostbusters team are to The Lone Gunmen, he takes the more comedic path in showing just how similar the two groups of men are.

Compared to Season 10 so far and the first issue of Conspiracy, there is some much needed humour. The LG are really, really suspicious of what the Ghostbusters are up to and the Ghostbusters are equally suspicious of the Lone Gunmen. No side quite believes the other. And despite never having written anything for The X-Files comics, Burnham manages to work in a red-head joke involving Janine and Frohike (who has a serious crush on Dana Scully) and shows a neat understanding of how the guys would approach something that looks like a load of hooey. It’s touches like this that make this issue an enjoyable read.

X-Files Conspiracy Part 2 img 2Ghouls

I feel like artist Salvador Navarro had a lot of fun drawing the spectral beasts that roam this issue. The designs are tidy, but intimidating at the same time. And in comparison to the previous issue, it was a lot easier to go through the comic as the style didn’t detract from the story.

What was interesting in terms of how the Ghostbusters’ world affected the story, was not what inevitably happened when the LG got near the ghost busting kit, it’s the discussions that happened afterwards. While Egon is comically over the top in his explanations of the supernatural and their presence in the world of the comic, there was a decent story logic to what he was saying. So far everything has tied in nicely and the crossover doesn’t seem out of place with the larger X-Files universe.

EmgoodWorth reading?

If you haven’t read the first part, this is not a good point to jump on. Otherwise, I think both X-Files and Ghostbusters fans will get a lot out of this issue. The compare and contrast between the characters is some of the funniest comics’ storytelling I have read in a while for a non-funnies series.

The X-Files: Conspiracy #2 “Ghostbusters” is out now. The writer bought their own issue of the comic.