Hello and welcome to this weeks comic roundup. This week one of our favourite mutants only has three months to live! There’s a Doctor of the occult in the house and we have a new western appearing on the horizon. So grab a drink and let’s get down to the nutty gritty, shall we?


Wolverine – Three Months To Die

WolverineLast year I was left a little bewildered and shocked. Rumours were circulating that my favourite mutant – Wolverine was facing his demise this year. I was a little sad and Ill admit to being a little surprised and gutted all at the same time. However nothing has really come to light, in details unveiled – until now! This week Marvel has revealed that a new story arc will begin this June and end in a grisly finale this September – entitled 3 months to die. A story promising to engulf us in vengeance, betrayal and a heroes death. Is this really the end of Logan? I guess only time will tell.


Spider-Men 2

Spider-menOnto everyone’s favourite web-slinger now. Since a particular mini-series debuted in 2012 “Spider-Men”, written by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. It was the first cross over between the Ultimate Universe and the original Marvel universe. It proved to be a huge hit and ever since fans including myself – have been itching for a sequel. Now it would seem our prayers have been answered as Bendis announced Marvel had green lit the sequel. I can’t wait to see what’s happened to Miles in Peters universe and how both Spider-Men react to each other after all that’s happened.


Original Sin

Original-SinI’ve already shared how excited I am for Marvels upcoming Original Sin series. It promises to be full of intrigue, mystery and to open up a can of worms throughout the Marvel Universe. This week Marvel have shared a few more teasers for the upcoming series. He most interesting of involves our favourite Merc with attitude – the one and only Deadpool. It’s a family portrait with circles drawn around each member. Could this be Wade’s family? What does he have to hide and more importantly are we finally going to see some of his past? Wade’s past has always been clouded in secrecy could this story finally show us some more of his origin? Here’s hoping so….


Image Comics

The Art Of Millarworld

millarworldMark Millar and Image Comics have got quite the surprise for us this year. Millar has worked with some of the finest artists in his twenty five year career, not only in his time at DC and Marvel but also more importantly in his creator owned world. This year marks his tenth anniversary of his independent work and as a great nod to those artists – he’s giving them the spotlight in his new book. Entitled The Art Of Millarworld – each chapter will profile one artist complemented with an interview and the cover art created for the Millarworld title. This should be on every fans must own list and will include such greats as Peter Gross, JJ Jones and Dave Gibbons. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, when it reaches shelves on April 9th.


Dynamite Entertainment

Doctor Spektor: Master Of The Occult

Doctor-SpektorDynamite have announced the fourth title in their successful Gold Key line, which has so far included Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Magnus: Robot Fighter. This line keeps in surprising me with some great titles resurrected from the past – now we have a supernatural detective joining ranks. Enter Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult by Mark Waid and Neil Edwards – the new ongoing series begins this May and is shaping up to be something rather magical. The series will see Doctor Adam Spektor, monster hunter and media sensation searching for something that he feels is missing. Something, which might just give him some peace at last. I’m looking to seeing the the new take on the character, especially after reading Magnus. This new Gold Key line has certainly surprised me so far.


Dark Horse

The Guns Of Shadow Valley

Guns-of-shadow-valletyThis summer get ready to grab your six shooters and head to the Wild West. Dark Horse are bringing us The Guns Of Shadow Valley, a new western with a supernatural twist. The series was originally funded by Kickstarter and has already won awards for Best Online Comics Work and Best Digital Comic. There promises to be a big secret in Shadow Valley protected by a posse with strange powers. I can’t wait to head out to the Valley and see what’s there…waiting for us.


That’s it for this week till next time, this is Cookie signing out….