Hello and welcome to another comics roundup. This week we have some great news involving everyone’s favourite mutant turtles, a new artist is possibly being lined up for Wonder Woman and a darker take on some of the story arcs featured in the Marvel Universe. So grab a drink, settle down and let’s get down to the nitty gritty….


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TurtlesFirst up is some great news regarding Mikey, Leo, Donny and Raphael. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and this May fans are I’m for a huge treat. IDW have announced that none other than Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird will be back together for the first time in over twenty years! The special issue will feature a brand new cover created by the original team, as well as a selection of short stories, by the top talent that’s helped build the turtles universe over the last thirty years. I can’t wait to see what this issue will bring and it’s certainly shaping up to be a grand anniversary.



The Avengers

The-AvengersThe Avengers have had some spectacular story arcs over the years, with their roster changing over the years but with one thing always staying the same – the safety of the Marvel universe. This April however Joe Keatinge with a team if acclaimed artists will be asking a big question – what if?
They will be exploring what could have happened if one of the founders of this super team was killed before the Avengers could be formed. What potential knock on effects would their absence create. I always find it quite interesting when Marvel do stories like this, it’s always interesting to see what could have been. Normally however these type of stories are one shot stories – this time however were getting a five issue mini series. The title of which, has really got me intrigued – What if? Age of Ultron. This could truly be epic….



Wonder Woman

Wonder-WomanMoving onto DC now and there’s been some news breaking over at Bleeding Cool. According to the site they’ve had news that David Finch could be soon working on their monthly Wonder Woman comic. What’s exciting about this possible change is the fact it could mean a change of tone for the series – perhaps somewhere closer to the Justice League portrayal if the rumours are to become reality. It’s going to be a shame to see the end of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s run on the title but the change of tone could prove rather interesting.



Jack Burton – Big Trouble in Little China

Big-Trouble-in-Little-ChinaBack in the eighties I fell in love with a little film called Big Trouble in Little China. Starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall, it had action – magic and a little cheese. It’s a classic and a film I tend to watch whenever it’s on. Now Boom! comics have announced that they will be bringing back the iconic hero – Jack Burton in a brand new comic series. To say I’m excited is an understatement! I really can’t wait to see more adventures with Jack. I’ll keep you in the loop as more info is revealed.


That’s all for this week, so for now this is Cookie signing out…..